The Bagless Billionaire!

Who’d of thought that one of the world’s richest people genuinely started from his garage, relying on his wife’s teaching salary to keep him going? Making prototypes from toilet roll tubes and masking tape, James Dyson invented the bagless vacuum cleaner. Born out of hatred for his dusty, high maintenance and time consuming Junior Hoover, in 1983, Dyson took his cardboard creation to a manufacturer and (as they say) the rest is history! This was his first true engineering job.

The billion pound toilet tube.

The billion pound toilet tube.

What Dyson Ltd does...
What Dyson Ltd does…

Now, worth over a staggering £3bn, Dyson is fortunate enough to be able to run a foundation promoting engineering education. The self titled James Dyson Foundation aims to encourage young people to think differently about engineering and to ‘learn through making mistakes’. You see, with his first version of the bagless vacuum cleaner in 1983, the big players bullied Dyson out of the British market because they didn’t want him taking any of their business selling hoover bags (worth £100m a year by the way). That’s when he decided to take his invention to Japan, where they loved it. He made enough money over there (with one cleaner costing about two grand!) to come back to the UK and start building and marketing his products himself.  A few years and good TV adverts later, his empire was well and truly thriving, owning one of the biggest design and engineering companies in the world, with headquarters on both sides of the Atlantic and satellite offices offering engineering jobs in 18 countries world wide.


Working for Dyson and others like him ain’t too bad either! With some of the highest paid jobs across the board, engineering jobs offer you the opportunity to work on fun and exciting projects that enable the rest of us to live in the 21st Century.



Dyson Ltd also award engineering scholarships worth over a whopping £650,000 a year, giving young people the opportunity to learn and create and design without having to worry about the debt or any false promises off the Lib Dems!


Truly amazing opportunities

From great people like Brunel, designing huge bridges carrying 40 million people a year to Dyson, designing microscopes aiding in medical research, engineering jobs offer a place for everyone with a creative mind a willingness to make mistakes.

Engineers wanted!

We want you!


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By Omar Farag

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