Engineering jobs can make a difference – the possibilities are endless…

I would be lying if I said that every time I go over a major bridge or travel around the country by train I don’t marvel at how something so amazing was first constructed and introduced, especially as most of these structures and tracks were built so many years ago.

paddington station

London Paddington Station

Many of these bridges and cross-country train tracks are however due to one man, Isambard Kingdom Brunel, an English mechanical and civil engineer. Brunel only lived for 53 years from 1806 to 1859, but lets just say he wasn’t a man who wasted a minute of his life! Brunel showed interest in engineering from an early age and his first noteworthy achievement was supporting his father, Mark Brunel, during the planning stages of the Thames Tunnel. Although later Brunel had his own huge achievements and is responsible for various notable bridges, tunnels, dockyards, the Great Western Railway as well as the development of the ‘SS Great Britain’, which at the time was the largest ship ever built and London Paddington Train Station, among a few other things.

So, as you’ve probably gathered Brunel was something of an engineering genius! In fact in 2002 Brunel was placed second in a BBC poll to name the 100 greatest Britons, and he was also later honoured by being portrayed in the spectacular opening ceremony for the London 2012 Summer Olympics during the Industrial Revolution segment.

London 2012

London 2012

Meaning that even 155 years after Brunel’s death his works still play a huge part to Great Britain, now you can’t say that about many professions!

So this begs the question, why do so few young people aspire to have an engineering job within the advanced manufacturing industry?

Perhaps it is because so many people still believe the common misconception that engineering is a male dominated industry, which will leave you, covered in oil and absorbed into a maths bubble.

However, the reality is quite the contrary, engineering is no longer just about working with engines, building bridges and oily rags. It is an industry that opens up a world of opportunity to both males and females. Job areas include sports, construction, energy, computing, medicine and even space exploration – the list goes on and on.  A career in advanced manufacturing enables you to have a job that could really make a difference to the world we live in -the possibilities truly are endless.

Engineering Jobs

Engineering Jobs

According to Tomorrows Engineers the engineering sector will need over 2 million employees over the next five to ten years to fill the 550,000 UK engineering businesses.

As a soon to be university graduate who is used to hearing about the troubles of the job market, I think this is somewhat refreshing to hear after most people complaining at the lack of jobs available in the UK. I can tell you something if I’d been given this information prior to my UCAS application I might have made a few changes!

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