Wiping away the stereotypical exterior of the advanced manufacturing industry

Careers in Engineering and Science don’t always have to be for the stereotypical nerd with glasses and a gelled comb over!

People you least expect, especially people in the public eye are the Clark Kent’s of the Engineering and Science industry.


Would you have guessed that every celebrity in the picture below has a degree in Engineering or Science?

Celebrities from left to right; Harry Hill, Ashton Kutcher, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Kudrow, Rowan Atkinson and Brian May
Celebrities from left to right; Harry Hill, Ashton Kutcher, Cindy Crawford, Lisa Kudrow, Rowan Atkinson and Brian May




They may not be in science or engineering jobs now, but they do break the stereotypical mould that has been so harshly set in today’s society.

The face of comedy that is, Harry Hill studied Neurosurgery at the University of London. Ashton Kutcher an accomplished actor, most famous for presenting MTV show “Punk’d” studied for a biochemical engineering degree before his acting career took off. Ironically his latest role is Steve Jobs in ‘Jobs’ (2013), one of the most important engineers of our time, after all we have him to thank for the creation of Apple.

Before her modelling career Cindy Crawford studied Chemical Engineering displaying that it is possible for women to have beauty and the brains too! Rowan Atkinson, best known for his role as ‘Mr Bean’ studied electrical engineering at Newcastle University and continued on to complete a Masters in engineering at Oxford University. Who would have thought this comedy act had a serious and highly intelligent side?

Lisa Kudrow most famous for her role in the iconic TV series ‘friends’ studied Psychobiology a polar opposite to her ditsy ‘Pheobe’ character we’re all well accustomed to watching. The lead guitarist of the globally successful rock band Queen, Brian May has a BSc degree in Physics and Mathematics. Who would have guessed that behind that rock star exterior was an astrophysicist!

It really is a shame that these celebrities aren’t as well known for their ‘superman’ powers as they are for their acting or performing abilities. Plenty of celebrities can be influential in the world of Engineering and Science especially for the 14-17 year old generation.

This is the generation STEM are trying to target with their campaigns and competitions, encouraging students to pick their GCSE and A level subjects in accordance with advanced manufacturing requirements in an effort to increase the interest of engineering jobs in the UK.

With the buzz of The Big Bang UK Young Scientists and Engineers Competition 2014 having a massive impact in the UK’s media hopefully the younger generation can see past the stereotypical views of the industry and realise the is a viable career choice and doesn’t have to be  dependent on looks or gender.

Who are the next Clark Kent’s of this world?

Who knows, maybe the kid next to you on the 86a bus has the super powers to change the world and they just don’t know it yet!

Spread the word and break the stereotypes!

Engineering jobs are out there, now lets start filling them.


To find out more on The Big Bang UK Competition visit: http://www.nsecuk.org/News/

Or search: #Endgaim #AMopportunities on Facebook or Twitter

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