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Get involved in the innovative and fast paced industry that is engineering. At the fore front of the industry live companies such as Rolls-Royce, a global company, providing integrated power solutions for customers in the aerospace, marine and energy markets. Both engineering and manufacturing opportunities exist within Rolls-Royce, which in the ‘Guardian UK 300’ recent survey was voted the top graduate employers for engineering, design and manufacturing, as voted for by students and graduates. This article aims to show those considering a career in engineering the level of success and innovation it can lead to, as well as a deeper look at the two men behind the development of Rolls-Royce.

Founded over 100 years ago in 1906, Rolls-Royce is now known across the globe for its production of the finest quality vehicles on the market. Henry Royce and Charles Rolls led to the fruition of Rolls-Royce, with Royce being a successful engineer and Rolls having owned one of the first car dealerships. While cars were their first passion, aero engines were also a passion, especially of Royce’s. The beginning of World War 1 saw their passion turn to a reality, with their first engine being developed in 1915. In what could have ultimately led to the demise of Rolls-Royce, the war instead let them triumph in a time where businesses were at risk.roycerolls

By the 1930s the world was obsessed with breaking records, and through using the Rolls-Royce engines, many land speed records were in fact broken. World War 2 saw more development within Rolls-Royces and their aero engines. Throughout the history of Rolls-Royce, the car has been a popular choice by celebrities, as well as royalty, when in the 1950s the Rolls-Royce replaced the previous transport for Queen Elizabeth II.

Whilst it most recognisable for its work within the motor industry, we cannot forget the standards it sets within the civil and defence aerospace (Power for all major defence aircraft sectors: transport; combat; patrol; trainers; helicopters and, unmanned vehicles) as well as energy, marine and power systems. This is why the company serves as a perfect example of where a career in engineering can take you. The high level of skill within the engineers at Rolls-Royce has seen its quality spread across the globe, today having 30 types of commercial aircraft and almost 13,000 engines in service around the world.

It is hard to believe that a company as large and successful as Rolls-Royce was created by two individuals. The same can be said for companies such as Dyson, formed by the now “Sir” James Dyson who according is Forbes is worth an estimated £4.5bn. Although Henry and Charles died not long into the development of the company, their legacy lives on in a company which gives the best to both their clients and their staff.

Today Rolls-Royce is recognised around the world as shorthand for engineering excellence and innovation. The company offers a number of different training opportunities including graduate development programmes, internships, higher apprenticeships, work experience and A-level entry programmes. From this you can see how Rolls-Royce can facilitate your career goals, whether you are looking for a graduate engineering job, or any engineering job within the UK, look no further.

With competitive salaries and pensions, bonuses and even financial support for additional study, the Rolls-Royce ‘Engineering Graduate Development Programme’ is just one of the many opportunities within the company and other companies within the engineering world, such as Airbus and BAE Systems which finished second and third in the Guardian UK 300 survey respectively.

There are few organisations that have such a strong history and current success such as Rolls-Royce. If you want to be part of such a reputable company that clearly believes in investing in people, visit this link –

Great skylines and innovative transport systems are being put into place through the minds and teamwork of great engineers. Engineering has so many elements to it including: aerospace, electrical engineering, structural and mechanical engineering and many more. If you are unsure what area of engineering you wish to enter into, have a look at some these sites which can help you on your way to great employment

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