5 Reasons Why Every Girl Should Study Engineering

1 You’ll have the power to make changes in the world

Who would have thought that studying Engineering would provide you with the chance to develop the world around us? The truth is, the list of possibilities is endless.

Do you sit and wonder why certain things haven’t been invented yet, and how this could change your every day life? You could be that person to change the future of generations to come.

mariecurie Lets take a look at Marie Curie, who’s devotion towards researching radioactivity, has helped to shape the use of x-rays in surgery today.

During World War 1, Curie provided ambulences with specfialist x-ray equipment, and actually drove each vehicle to the front lines. Unfortunately, Curie passed away on the 4th of July 1934 from leukaemia, which was caused by high exposure from energy radiation whilst conducting research.

Curie literally put her life on the line for the benefit of our future.

2 You could stand out from the crowd

Don’t let this put you off – but only 8 percent of Engineers in the UK are women.

womenengineerHowever, we can see brightness at the end of the tunnel. Imagine working on a project with a group of men, and you were the only girl present, by showing hard-work and determination, you will stand out from the rest of your male colleagues.

3 You could be in with a chance to receive a grant for a postgraduate course in this field!

Brunel University in London has recently revealed that women who chose to study any aspect of Engineering as a postgraduate course,could be in with the chance of receiving a £1,250 grant.

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This financial incentive comes from the demand for more female engineers in the UK. According to Petra Gratton, we need to encourage more women to come into this field, to better the future of our economy.

The university also hopes to communicate that Engineering does not only involve being on-site whilst wearing white overalls and a hard hat, however involves a wide range of other aspects in which could potentially be of interest to skeptic individuals.

To current students, who may not be studying this particular subject and wishes to pursue a career in Engineering, the opportunity to try something different exists, and this is your chance to take it. The Brunel University Project has been running from January 2014, and continues to August 2015. To be in with a chance of exploring graduate engineering jobs, why not have a search online?

4 You could design your very own make-up!

Imagine being responsible for creating a brand-new line of make-up? Could you imagine celebrities wearing something you have created? Good news, if you choose to study Chemical Engineering, one of the best paid engineering jobs, you could have the chance to achieve the above!

Cosmetics is one of many routes you can take through studying Chemical Engineering, you could be behind the scenes, testing ingredients, whilst working alongside the biggest brands in the industry.

Who said that Engineering is a male dominated industry? Good news girls, you can implement what you enjoy doing into your day to day work! Start studying for a top Engineering job today!

5 Last but not least, think of the financial and travelling benefits!

Did you know that the average graduate starting salary for an Engineer is £28,000? Certain fields of Engineering are amongst the UK’s best-paying jobs, with salaries reaching over a generous 70,000 a year! Think of all the shopping trips you could do with that amount of money!

Understanding that every day comes across as a challenge for Engineers, working and studying hard to fulfill their job purpose, the financial outcomes are worth the determination and dedication.

dubai If you are lucky enough to be in a team of Engineers working on a project abroad, you’ll be able to travel, exploring different places and cultures, whilst working! How many other people can say they can work on projects in different countries? Not many, but you could be one of them soon!

Big international players in the Engineering industry,such as EON, NPower and Rolls-Royce offer medium-term opportunities to work on overseas projects. Whilst telling your friends you’re working for some of the biggest companies in the world, tell them you’re doing so in some of the biggest places on the map, such as Dubai, New York and Dehli.

If this post has inspired you to study Engineering, and you would like to find out more information on how to break into this industry, visit www.facebook.com/endgaim or turn to Twitter and hashtag #endgaim.

Or if you’re confident in joining the Engineering industry, jump on board the uk job search today for a list of job vancancies in this field!

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