Dyson’s Engineering plans for the future!

The word ‘Dyson’ is one that is commonly used in households across the country. Of course here I am referring to the famous Dyson Hoover! A renowned and popular household product created by now famous inventor James Dyson, or should I say sir James Dyson! He is a famous and respected figure in the industry of Advanced Manufacturing and Engineering.

James Dyson is a prime example of how pursuing a job in manufacturing and engineering can change the face of appliances we use today. Dyson started with an idea and concept and went on through trial and error his now famous hoover concept. From using things he found around the house he devoted much of his time and effort into his invention. From all this effort Dyson is reportedly now worth a massive $4 billion. Yes not just million’s but billions! Has this captured your attention yet, well stay with me for how you could gain recognition from this successful inventor.

With a healthy portfolio full of inventions, Dyson has recently stated he is setting out plans to create robots that can work household items. Imagine having a robot to do the cleaning or the dishes, these are the things we only dream of but may in time become a reality, all thanks to engineering. People often seem to wonder what the next top and ground braking invention will be. Will there be flying cars, perhaps it will be similar to the film back to the future. Well, maybe not exactly but who knows! James Dyson believes with innovation and engineering future product possibilities are endless!


How does the chance to gain recognition from this leading engineer sound?  James Dyson makes no secret about the fact he wants thousands more people to enter the industry. He is even making thousands of jobs at his research centre to help with this. Dyson encourages those pursuing a career in this area to make mistakes through trial and area whilst being creative. He has now coined the James Dyson award, which each year looks for the best design engineer concepts.

The latest winner is from a group of youngsters, who created a titan arm to help users lift heavy objects. If the sound of winning an award, then how about a couple of thousands in monetary terms to get you motivated?! There are terms to entering one being that you must have enrolled on an engineering or design university course. You could find yourself gaining a prestigious job with the man himself in the future, or even on the path to your own inventor fame and fortune. Careers in engineering or advanced manufacturing can create a whole host of possibilities and prospects.

Dyson encourages mistakes; as he knows this is key in creativity, so don’t be disheartened by trials along the way. This is how Dyson created his empire of innovation, through the determination. He has stated that engineers are the ones who have designs for the future. He is aiming to change the way young people perceive the career choice, and is aiming to promote the true picture of engineering and its ability to create technologically advanced products for the future! How about giving the competition a try, if you have any ideas of your own!  Who knows it could be you with your own award program to help others in the future. Could you be Dyson’s next award design engineer winner?

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