Endless opportunities in engineering -career choices and courses in engineering

Endless opportunities in engineering – the wide variety of career choices and courses in engineering that could make you become an engineer of the future

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There is no doubt that the current job market in the U.K is a worrying factor in terms of youth employment. There are fewer and limited job opportunities across the country, therefore young people and graduates have had a tough time searching for job openings. However this has enabled engineering graduates to apply for jobs and excel in a career within engineering as there is a growing demand for engineers in the U.K and the graduate market in this field is ever expanding, so now is the best time to consider this vibrant and diverse career.

An estimated 2.2 million engineers will be required within the next 5 to 10 years in the U.K, and that figure is ever expanding. As the U.K is steadily growing out of the recession the demand for engineers is ever increasing.

However the engineering sector has always been misinterpreted by young people aged 14-17 who are looking to study the courses related to this field. Meanwhile as shown in the information above the demand for engineers is increasing! Take for example young graduate Sean Reece, pictured below, who studied engineering at Hugh Baird college in Liverpool and beat 3,000 applicants to secure a place on the prestigious graduate placement programme with manufacturing giant Jaguar and Land Rover.


Some of the advantages of a career in engineering include:

  • Well paid career
  • Wide variety of career progression opportunities
  • Develop specialist and transferable skills
  • Career satisfaction

Sean stated that he chose engineering because, “of its good reputation. The time I had there and the range of subjects I studied really prepared me for the interview with Jaguar Land Rover. I am one of only 10 apprentices, from a total of 3,000 applicants, to have been accepted on for this intake so the competition was tough”.

Sean adds that from next year he will be spending one or two days a week on the shop floor at Jaguar Land Rover and gaining more experience.  He has been granted a job within this sector upon completion of the programme.


The above statistics show the estimates income for engineers within the age segments. It shows that graduates could earn around £28,000 per year which then rises as they progress in the career. Furthermore Sean stated that “the ongoing relationships with employers of all sizes, from small businesses to giants like Jaguar Land Rover, shows how studying engineering can help to open doors with employers”.

Mr Reece, who studied subjects such as electrical manufacturing had realized that he was on the wrong course after looking into the advanced manufacturing courses and then decided to persue a career in engineering and hasn’t looked back since, so you could also take that step and follow with similar success!

“They were taking part in a pit stop challenge that day and there was just something about the environment there – the buzz, the noise and the atmosphere – which was very exciting and made me think ‘This is where I am supposed to be’,” Mr Reece added.

If that’s not enough to convince you then you should look at courses available in engineering and find out more about this incredibly satisfying career and follow in the steps of becoming not only an engineer but a decision maker, a producer, a changer and a team worker! So if you have a passion for working in a team to produce work on a large or small scale then look no further, engineering is a course for all and with so many career paths to choose from the opportunities are endless.

7sx13For those reading this and considering a career in engineering then there is many paths to follow in order to persue your dream of becoming the changers and leaders of tomorrow. There are many ways to start your career in engineering and take the first step just like Sean who stated that, “It’s no exaggeration to say I would not have been accepted onto this apprenticeship programme without my experience studying engineering,”  There are colleges and Universities across the U.K who offer courses and placements like the Jaguar Land Rover once that Sean was accepted on.

The placement is available through many Universities and with so many large global companies offering training and placements the opportunities are endless! Some of the Universities even offer the chance to work abroad and travel to work on projects around the globe, many of these include paid placements and accommodation.

Therefore with all the information in this article there should be no doubt that you should choose your career in engineering, you will never look back and with the endless opportunities who knows where you could end up. So don’t delay take that step today and look forward to a career which is rewarding and offers endless opportunities!

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