Engineering – The Man for the Job

Engineering – The Man for the Job

Steve Jobs, the entrepreneur, inventor, marketer and most of all the creator and CEO of the one of the greatest companies of all time. Apple Inc. has been developing products for over 30 years and has given the world some of the most innovative and life changing products of our time. But how did a young American Armenian boy who was adopted and home schooled become a legend in the engineering industry? Here’s how…

After being the class clown in many of his classes to being recommended to skip two school grades Steve eventually graduated school in 1972. But after many failed attempts of trying to keep motivated he dropped out, however still maintained his keen interest for creative classes. And this is crucial to one of the Apple Macs features. He once said
“If I had never dropped in on that single calligraphy course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts.”

Steve Jobs

Many of the unexpected moments in life are what made Steve as successful as he was and he too agreed. There are a lot of people in world who will not know that Steve Jobs was once fired from Apple by the board of directors. Who would have thought that the face of Apple was once fired by his whole company? And would return to improve the company more than ever?
In his words “it was awful-tasting medicine, but I guess the patient needed it.”

He left a bad taste in some of colleague’s mouths as they described him as erratic and temperamental. According to them meetings ran over or were scheduled last minute. You never quite new what he would do next. However, despite this he was perfect for the job as he was persuasive, charismatic and influential. People were inspired by him. His return to Apple Inc. was a whole new spirit.

In 2009 Apple launched the very first iPhone and changed the cellular phone businesses forever. The company divulges in many gadgets all of which have been rejuvenated, renovated and left with Apples stamp on them. His ideas and creations have been admired around the world as he has not only improved digital appliances but created a standard of service and quality where there is no going back.

Through his hard work and determination he at his highest peak was earning over $2.1 billion dollars with only shares of around 5.5 million. In 2010 Forbes magazine estimated his net wealth at around $8.3 billion dollars making him the time the 42nd richest American.

He strives on innovation in engineering and has continuously focused on trying to encourage others to consider this career path. Have you ever wanted to make a dream a reality? He believed you could like him. He often made speeches at Universities and conferences speaking of his experiences, ideas and thoughts on the future of engineering. In a speech Steve Jobs gave at Stanford University in 2005, he said being fired from Apple was the best thing that could have happened to him; “The heaviness of being successful was replaced by the lightness of being a beginner again, less sure about everything. It freed me to enter one of the most creative periods of my life.” He liked to express his experiences and understandings to others so that they could relate to him. Many people will have had low points but he saw low point as new opportunities and a challenge.

Apple Jobs

His story could be your next reality. If you are considering a new career path, then there are many engineering job sites to help you locate engineering jobs or even trainee engineering jobs for beginners.

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