Move over Barbie, there a new KID ON THE BLOCK

Worldwide there are currently 87% male, and only 13% females in engineering job roles. Today females face the ongoing pressures to choose a feminine job role such as a Teacher, Nurse or a Nanny. These pressures have amounted from the very first time you handed your child their first toy. Let’s go back to when the “pink aisle” began.

Firstly lets pose a question. What was YOUR first toy you received as a child?
For most females your first toy was a baby doll, which progresses onto a toy kitchen, washing machine, hoover, or maybe a shopping trolley.

Whereas for boy it was a toolkit, workshop, remote control cars, or perhaps a train. So rather than wondering why we can’t fix this problem with kids at 13, lets look back to the route of the problem and fix it from the start!


Pink and Blue aisle divide

Second question. When you went to the toy store as a child which aisle did you go to? And which aisle did your brother go to? Blue or pink?

Innovation needs to happen in our children’s toys and games. They are the very educational tools they will use to depict their job roles and place within society from a young age. How about mixing the aisles up? Imagine having a world where boy Lego was placed beside Cindy?

A female engineer who has hit headlines is Debbie Sterling founder of Goldieblox Toy Company who wants to inspire the next generation of female engineers. Before launching Goldieblox Stering, was the director of marketing for a Jewellery company. She also worked as a brand strategist for a design agency, working with clients from Microsoft and Pedigree dog food.


Debbie Sterling with Goldieblox toy

Debbie Sterling with Goldieblox toy

Debbie felt it was about time girls had an engineering toy in the stereotypical “pink aisle,” in stores over the globe. Speaking out at a TEDX event she spoke of her personal experience of growing up with stereotypical pressures from the engineering field. Goldieblox launched in 2012 raising $285,000 in just 30 days.

Debbies innovation, creativity, and enthusiasm towards building an educational tool helped to raise awareness of stereotypical gender divides in advanced manufacturing. The key tactic of the toy is to target girls at a younger age to ensure they can grow up knowledgeable of the area to avoid confidence issues later on in secondary school. In the long term influencing the minds of children will take a lot less time, than influencing them during their hormonal adolescent stage.
Debbies motto was boys like building, girls like reading. So let’s combine the two and make the girls even better!


Girl Power in the pink isle

Girl Power in the pink isle

GoldieBlox Toy

GoldieBlox Toy


For just £30 you get the complete package of the toy and story book available also as an E-book for iPhone and iPad narrations. The main character a girl called Goldie who is faced with many engineering challenges.



Final question….

Can YOU be the next female engineer that will motivate and drive your sisters into this career??
Check out the video on the link below of the clever YouTube Promo for Goldieblox.

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