Make a life changing difference to someones life with engineering!

Engineering is the type of career that can not only be exciting and exhilarating, but can give the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives, thus improving the standard of living for people. Imagine the feeling you would get when you know that someones quality of life has been improved because of something you made changing that person’s life forever.

David Gow was head researcher at Princess Margret Rose Hospital in Edinburgh in 1986. He was head of research and development for the hospital; he then started working on electronic limbs including arms, wrists, hands and shoulders. Gow soon found worldwide success with his development of the world’s first electrically powered shoulder.
From his success Gow was able to get funding to start a spin-off company from the national health system, and was the first to do so which was called touch bionics. The company attracted many new investors as well as larger well-known investors such as Clydesdale Bank, Scottish Co-investment fund etc.
In 2007 Touch Bionics developed the first prosthetic hand to incorporate articulating fingers. The prosthetic hand was developed to open and close around objects naturally more so than any other previous inventions. This changed the way people viewed prosthetics and allowed them to see the opportunities it presents for amputees all over the world.
Today the company is still going from strength ARM PHONEto strength with Gow still at the heart of everything they do. The company has continued to launch impressive new technologies from rotating thumbs and smaller finger prosthetics to help a wider range of people. Just when you thought the company couldn’t have improved much more in 2013 they announced their plans for a upper limb prosthesis that can be controlled by mobile application.
Throughout the years Touch Bionics has people many people from all over the world who have lost limbs in devastating accidents and even to people who have been born with missing limbs.
One of the lucky people Touch Bionic has helped is Cpl Andrew Garthwaite. Andrew was a soldier who was badly injured by a Taliban grenade when fighting in Afghanistan. The grenade took off his entire right arm and left him seriously injured and lucky to be alive. Andrew had the prosthetic arm fitted in 2012 and is believed to be the only person in the UK to have a bionomic arm.
Corporal Andrew Garthwaite with the defence minister Anna SoubryCple Garthwaite had to go through many hours of surgery and have this nervous system rewired, which involved taking his never endings were his arm was from his shoulder and directing them to his chest muscles. It took Andrew a while to get used to his prosthetic arm. Andrew said he was lost for words at being chosen for this life changing procedure. Andrew says, “There is no point in looking back because you can never turn back time. I am still very lucky to be here and I am very fortunate to be here and with this new life I have got hopefully I can be very successful in it.”
A career in engineering can give you that opportunity to help people like Andrew and develop ground breaking technonlogies helping the everyday lives of people in so many different ways.
Still need persuading to join a career in engineering?
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