Would you like to meet the person who ‘engineered’ the image of Liverpool you know today?

Jesse Hartley

Jesse Hartley 1780-1860

Do you know this man?  Perhaps not however he was a very well-respected engineer and a stalwart in advanced manufacturing in the 19th century. When you think about the city of Liverpool, what immediately springs to mind? Engineering? No well by the end of this blog that will be the case. How about the Albert dock? The Albert dock is an important landmark for the city which provides a viewpoint into the local history and economy, whilst also providing a relaxed shopping and hospitality centre point for the city centre.


‘What does this have to do with subject of engineering?’

Jesse Hartley’s creation has been utilised as basis to cultivate growth in the city centre and has played an integral role in the development of the city. This blog will give you the basis to engineer your own career and help you choose to be an engineer.

Albert Dock

Jesse Hartley might not be a household name but the city of Liverpool owes a lifetime of debt to his input and knowledge towards the structure of the docking system. Whilst being employed as head surveyor for the Liverpool docks committee he had input on amendments on all the docks in the city with his finest creation arguably being the Albert Dock in 1845. Many people believe the longevity and durability of the work demonstrates the dedication and passion he had towards the city and the docking system. Part of his process was to build smaller scale models for testing and discovering improvement methods, his stressed-skin model ceiling was the first of its kind and proved to be a fantastic piece of innovation and engineering. In addition before he started his tenure he had no prior experience in dock engineering and went on to become the first recognised dock engineer in the world. Jesse Hartley was at the forefront of the engineering industry and is a great example of how anyone can follow their dream and make a difference by being an engineer.

Yes this blog does have an inspiring story about engineering, but you may find yourself asking

‘What’s next’?


(ONS – Graduates in the Labour Market, 2012)

The engineering/advanced manufacturing industry is an ever-growing industry and large contributor to the UK economy, the industry sets the standard in job numbers and starting salaries for graduates. The latest statistics indicate upwards of 80,000 vacancies will need to be filled per annum for the next ten years, showing the explicit need for more engineers. Furthermore the engineering industry upon graduation presents one of the best start-up salaries which could potentially rise to £70,000 in comparison to any other graduate market

So you have seen the facts,

Why is there a shortage you might ask?’

The fact of the matter is that not enough students in the 14-17 age group are picking STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) subjects, which are a requirement to be an engineer. You might think these subjects do not interest you in the slightest, however it does not mean you are not destined to be an engineer , better your education to help you to ‘engineer’ your path through life by becoming an engineer.

Okay so the final question is….

‘How can I get involved?’

There are plenty of organisations and government initiatives which exist to introduce you to the wonders of the engineering industry, all this information is just a click away. While you are clicking the links below spare a thought for the engineer who enabled you to use the technology to view this blog and change your life.



Big Bang Fairhttps://www.thebigbangfair.co.uk/

Big bang fair

So you have descended upon the end of this blog, we would just like to leave you with this one last thought:

Through the creation of the Albert dock Jesse Hartley engineered a pathway in which the city of Liverpool could thrive upon.

Want to create your own piece of history and be the engineer your own career?

Choose Engineering.

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