The Woman Who Builds Robots – and How Engineering Got Her There

What do you see when you think of robots? The future?

Robots have been around for decades but we still can’t nip around the corner to purchase the new model of RobotCleaner2Xz8. This is soon to change as robotic breakthroughs are being achieved daily in the engineering world. Although, I am afraid to say that we won’t be purchasing any robots to do all our cleaning any time soon. Instead, engineers are concentrating on robots which will change the lives of thousands. These are the robots of the future and they are being built by Maja Mataric, the woman who builds robots.

Maja Mataric has had an interesting life which has led her to where she is now. She was born in Yugoslavia and moved to the USA during her teens. She battled many complications a migrant would suffer during this time, but that did not stop her from achieving her goals. Maja successfully went on to study Computer Science at the University and Kanas and then moved on to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for her MSc and Ph.D.

Maja Mataric with one of her socially assistive robots.

Maja Mataric with one of her socially assistive robots.

Today, Maja sits firmly at the top of many institutions with an abundance of awards from all sectors of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Her main job is that of a roboticist. She develops socially-assistive robots for those with dementia, autism or those who have suffered a stroke. The work she carries out is changing the future of the world and the way we use robots.

For the world to continue developing important work like Majas, it needs a constant influx of future engineers. Currently there is a huge lack of young people choosing engineering as a future career. Statistics show that STEM subjects are not gaining enough interest in today’s young generation in higher education or work experience.

A table showing the average earning salaries for different engineering jobs

Maja was one young girl who had future plans of working within science, technology and engineering at an early age and we need more young people just like her. You don’t need to be interested in science or maths to become an engineer. Engineering covers a huge swathe of industries and you can harness your interest in multiple areas.

Not only have that, but engineers on average will earn significantly more than many other graduate level jobs. Who can say no to more money?

Are you also aware of how many jobs are available in engineering? By 2020 there will have been 2 million jobs created within the industry. That is a lot more than most industries! It also means you are almost 100% guaranteed a job after your studying or training. This is a rare opportunity in the current economic climate. Make sure you take advantage of it!

Thousands of young people find their interest in engineering too late for them to get a head start on their studies. Why don’t you get ahead of the crowd and discover it now? Planning your studies or work experience after High School sets you up for life – so choose a career that will engage you, amaze you, sustain you and evolve you.

Choose a career in engineering. Make a difference in your life and thousands of others.

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