Who will be the next Steve Jobs? Maybe Kanye West? Or even, You.

Precious symbols of advance manufacturing and the people responsible for them

Precious symbols of advance manufacturing and the people responsible for them

Some people leave behind a legacy that will be remembered in the history books forever, they are the subjects of articles, questions and referenced by those who were born far beyond their own generation. Some of those people will deniably be people like Steve Jobs and Steve “Woz” Wozniak, two of the founders of Apple Inc. You too could be with one of those people, discover the bright future vast opportunities in Engineering and Advance Manufacturing can offer you.

To go from two guys selling a computer that engineer Woz had made singlehandedly from a garage to employing tens-of-thousands of people from engineering careers, IT Jobs and all aspects of people in the advance  manufacturing industry which now see revenues of more than $57 billion in only the first quarter of the business year of 2014. These two figures have had some of the most powerful positions in the technology business and even some of the most famous friends, in a tweet Kanye West showed off his Father’s Day present from his Daughter, North and Wife, Kim Kardashian, a signed Wired Apple Mouse signed by the late Jobs and Woz. West expressed in an interview in the same year that with Jobs’ passing he believes he is the ‘Steve Jobs of the Internet, Culture, Fashion’ which caused much backlash in the media.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak with an iPhone, the best selling phone in the world.

Steve “Woz” Wozniak with an iPhone, the best selling phone in the world.

Woz was also invited to the home of West by his Wife because of West’s keen interest in Advance Manufacturing because of aspects like design and fondness of the company that engineer Woz was instrumental in founding.

Not many people would think that working as an engineer and being a part of the advance manufacturing industry could lead to being friends with the world’s most famous rapper, being a key figure who built a company named number 1 in the World’s Most Admired companies in 2014.

Building such as massive company as Apple is today is not done alone but the most essential roles are played by today’s Software and Hardware Engineers. Building tomorrow’s iPhone and the Applications that will make it worth the world’s attention. Many individuals that play a role in creating something special.

People that will be remembered in history will be varied and all will have done very different things in their lives, maybe as an individual, or as part of something bigger. The advance manufacturing and engineering industries holds the locations, the jobs and the opportunities for future people who will go on to create things so important to human life, things that can change the way we live our lives and interact with each other and YOU could be the one to do it.

If you want to find out more about how to get into advance manufacturing, engineering or want to glimpse the many things that are being offered to you check the Facebook and Twitter @ManufactureTomorrow for continually updated opportunities, questions and answers for all interested!

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