Engineering… Grease monkeys who couldn’t make it academically, right? WRONG!

Try; Gifted visionaries who are the reason we drive fancy cars, go on holiday and have time saving appliances to make our life the easy good life, what we know today.


Human Mechanics

Over the years we have been asked so many questions growing up…

-What school do you want to go to?
-What do you want for your dinner?
-What subjects are you choosing?
-What colour do you want your bedroom?

These all seemed hard at the time (or at least they did in my case). But nothing compares to the million dollar question we are all asked at some point, to which I still don’t know the answer: What do you want to be when you grow up? (This is the toughie!)


Why not consider Engineering?

Over the years have many people consider engineers to be mechanics in a garage covered in oil who might not be as gifted as Joe Bloggs in the accounting office. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Of course they are all important, however engineers are the reason we live how we live today.

Who do you think designed and engineered this computer you are reading from? Who made the vending machine you may have got your drink from? Who made the phone you will call your friends with today?



Engineering Prints and Tools


Let’s look back at the history in the field.


Alexander Graham Bell


Alexander Graham Bell
Creator and Engineer

Alexander Graham Bell was a Scottish born inventor/engineer born in 1847 in Edinburgh. He is most famously known for the creation of the world’s first telephone.

Born into a family of speech and elocution experts, Alexander spent most of his life working on hearing devices and the development of tools associated with helping those hard of hearing. This was due to the fact he was greatly influenced by the fact his mother and wife were deaf. This became his life’s work.

Alexander was by no means academically challenged. He was and still is considered one of the most influential creative engineers of all time. He left his mark on us all for the greater good. So what’s stopping you from doing the same?


The UK

The UK economy currently employees over 8 million people, in the engineering industry. The industry on the whole is estimated to be worth over 22 billion pounds. With the majority of these employees being men there is a large scope to raise the interest of women and the younger generation. The average wage in the engineering industry in over £35,000 per annum. This is clearly not something to be sniffed at. It is also thought that the rate at which you can climb the hierarchy is much faster than any other industry. Management positions at some of the top engineering companies can be paid over £100,000 per annum. Whether you like pie or not, this is a piece of the pie that everyone would love to get. The biggest problem is awareness!



Where can you find a job like this? I will never be able to get one of these jobs. I’m not qualified. I’m not clever enough to do this.

Keep trying to talk yourselves out of it. The great words of someone stated; ‘you will never know what you can’t achieve until you don’t achieve it’. This is maybe slightly cryptic, however the underlying message is of course – you will never know until you try.

You never know… you might just surprise yourself and others and become one of the most influential figures in the field! What would you say then?


The greatest computer in the world is the human brain. Why not put yourself to the test and make it your own? Do something great today! Don’t just sit patiently for life to come for you, go out and get it, live it, experience it. As we know, you never get out alive!

For more information on the engineering industry click here or to view some careers which may be for you, click here.


‘I aspire to inspire before I expire’ – K Foat – 444899.

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