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Being an engineer doesn’t mean working in a factory, oily rags and dirty overalls! Engineering is about finding practical solutions to everyday problems. Engineering is about inventing and designing. Have you ever been in a situation and though “somebody should design that!” well that somebody could be you! Engineers are creative problem solvers that help shape our health, happiness, and safety in the future.

Engineering includes everything from space rockets, to bicycles, to mobile apps to a can of beans. However, engineering isn’t just about the future of the developed world it also includes improving the life of communities in developing countries. As Maurice Strong, General Secretary of the United Nations Conference on Environment and Development said: “Sustainable development will be impossible without the full input by the engineering profession”. That is why the world needs people like you to help develop a sustainable future for everybody!

Unfortunately about 20 per cent of the world’s population don’t have access to clean water, 40 per cent don’t have access to adequate sanitation and around 20 per cent lack secure housing. Can you imagine helping people from around the world improve their way of life? Then humanitarian or civil engineering may be for you!TIES kenya photo used 1

By studying humanitarian or civil engineering you could ensure that the basic needs of water, sanitation, nutrition, health, safety and happiness is supplied to everyone.

amyTake Amy B. Smith a humanitarian engineer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Amy Smith was born in Massachusetts in 1962, her father, Arthur Smith, was an electrical engineer professor at MIT. When Amy was a young girl her family moved to India where she was exposed to severe poverty which inspired her later on in life to help underprivileged communities. In 1984, Amy graduated in mechanical engineering and went on to join Peace Corps. According to Amy the inspiration came while serving for peace corps in Botswana, At one point I had sort of an epiphany, sitting at my desk looking out over the bush, I realized I wanted to do engineering for developing countries. I was teaching  and working for the ministry of agriculture as a beekeeper in Botswana, and I remember thinking to myself that I really liked doing development work, but I wished could do some engineering too, because I like creative problem solving” she said.

Amy then went on to found a program called D-Lab that concentrates on using engineering and designing for the development new ideas to help underprivileged communities. So far Amy Smith and the students of D-Lab have designed a way to make charcoal from agricultural waste, cornshellers that save hundreds of hours for corn farmers, a motorized hammer mill and other simple yet creative ideas that have benefited thousands of lives around the globe. Watch this inspiring video of Amy and her students’ work in Peru: Amy and her students in Peru.

Still not convinced? What if I told you that…

–       Engineering will allow you to explore your creative side and work on a large variety of projects. No day will ever be the same!

–       You can benefit society by making them healthy, safe and also, happy! By designing all the necessities that people need.

–       You will have a job guaranteed by the end of your studies. Because of the shortage of engineers engineering students are walking straight in to jobs with high salaries unlike many of their fellow students. Why the shortage of engineers you may ask? Because unfortunately today’s youth view engineering as boring and uninteresting. However that is far from the truth!

–       Engineering isn’t about being stuck in a workshop all day. As seen in the video of Amy B.Smith, engineering gives you the chance to travel the world whether temporarily for a project or even permanently as engineering is needed everywhere.

–       And if that’s not enough for you to choose a career in engineering, how does a £25,000 bursary sound?

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