Engineer behind British success of F1

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Engineer behind British success of F1
Why without engineering F1 would not exist.

Did you ever think how F1 cars became fast and considerably safe?
Very often first thought about F1 is the driver; Michael Shumacher, Lewis Hamilton. It takes more than skilled driver to succeed! Without engineering in all forms, starting from the engine to aerodynamics there would be no speed, safety, and racing! Engineer are the people who contribute to the success of F1. One of many people who made a difference in the F1 world is Keith Duckworth. Him, and Mike Costin designed Cosworth engine who helped british team thrive on the F1 pedestal!
The engineer behind affordable racing engine, which helped British teams win 155 Grand Prix was born in Blackburn. The Lancashire man found his passion for engineering at young age and after unsuccessful attempt to become pilot in RAF he studied engineering at London Imperial Collage. After working at Lotus as a transmission development engineer, together with Mike Costin (another Lotus engineer) he founded Cosworth- leading racing car engine manufacturer.

Ford contracted Cosworth to build two engines: 1.6-litre Formula 2 engine and a 3-litre Formula 1 V8. Their engineering artistry is known as Cosworth FVA and DFV. DFV debuted in dutch Grand Prix in June 1967, winning first place!
Engineering in F1 plays a vital role; aerodynamics, brakes, gear box, steering wheel, suspension list goes on! Engineers commit their time to bring new innovative technology to benefit F1 racing and ensure that drivers are as safe as possbile beating records in speed. Engineering is a complex but very rewarding field of expertise. If you decide to take on career in engineering you can be next Keith Duckworth! You can put Britain in the spotlight in advanced technology and safety. There is never a boring a day at the office! You would have to commit and work very hard, but seeing Lewis Hamilton speeding through the track, would be definitely worth it!
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Go ahead, follow your dreams! Formula 1 and other companies in automotive industry await you!


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