Hedy Lamarr made smart sexy with her engineering talents… you could too!

 Hedy Lamarr made smart sexy with her engineering talents… you could too!

If it wasn’t for Hedy Lamarr we wouldn’t have Wi-Fi… Can you imagine a world without Wi-Fi? In fact can you imagine a world without modern technology all Hedy Lamartogether?

No! And we’re sure you don’t want to either… But what if the ideas and skills for more life changing inventions are bottled up in the mind of a girl who is too afraid to pursue her dreams of engineering or manufacturing because of dated stereotypes?

There are still stereotypes implying engineering and manufacturing careers are dirty, oily, manly jobs. There are currently only 15-16% of engineering applicants that are female and this has to change! Hedy Lamarr is the perfect example of a woman who wasn’t afraid to peruse her dreams in both Hollywood acting and in her engineering contributions. Hedy Lamar had brains and beauty and she successfully used them both to change the world. She used her brains to further her passion for engineering and is remembered every day for doing so.

Hedy patented an idea that later became the crutch of both secure military communications and mobile phone technology. She co-developed a creation with her business partner George Anheil in 1942. The pair were awarded a patent in 1942 for a “secret communication system”. Originally it was meant for radio-guided torpedoes to solve the problem of enemies blocking signals from radio-controlled missiles during World War II. It involved changing radio frequencies simultaneously to prevent enemies detecting messages. The pair gave it to the US Navy. It languished in their files for decades before eventually becoming a constituent part of GPS, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology proving vital to the mobile phone industry.

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In the 1980s, Lamarr and Antheil’s invention took on new significance. Instead of “frequency hopping,” today’s term is “spread spectrum” but the basic idea is the same and we have them to thank for it.

The “frequency hopping” device developed by Lamarr was just the beginning. Without Women- Computing as we know it would not exist. Hedy Lamarr is just one of many inspiring champion of engineering and manufacturing. It’s important to reflect on the mercurial brilliance of Hedy Lamarr and to ensure her legacy lives on by giving other girls the courage to follow their dreams.

It was Lamarr’s imagination and creativity that always won. One famous quote she said was,

“Hope and curiosity about the future seemed better than guarantees. That’s the way I was. The unknown was always so attractive to me… and still is.”

Hedy Lamarr made the unknown the future and changed our lives in the process. If you are curious, inventive and want to put your imagination to good use then you can! There are design engineer jobs, aircraft engineer jobs, offshore engineering jobs, graduate engineering jobs and many, many more. The opportunities are just waiting.

Why could you not be the next inspiring engineer to change the world?

It’s simple, YOU COULD! The opportunities are endless and the biggest benefit of all could be doing something you love whilst getting paid for it.

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