Sir Frank Whittle, the ‘Pioneer’ of Engineering.

Frank whittle
There are very few moments that can truly be said to have changed the way we live our lives.

One was when Alexander Graham Bell spoke down an electrified  wire in 1876 and the telephone was born. Another was the day in 1825 when George  Stephenson fired up his new steam locomotive and created the modern railway.

And a third was when a young RAF officer from Coventry, serving in the darkest days of World War II watched as 12 years of hard work paid off when his turbojet engine took off into the sky. Who is it some may ask? Ahhh, the great Sir Frank Whittle.

Tell me more…

Born in 1907, Whittle had always been passionate about flying so he persuade a career in the RAF. At first,  They turned him down for being too small — which would prove to be a huge blunder, however his passion and persistence finally paid off as he was accepted as an apprentice e yet, as an apprentice, he could not expect to fly.

His talents very quickly earn’t him a promotion to officer training,  his instructors described him as a ‘mathematical genius’ and constantly left his work mates amazed. Through his passion and natural talent Sir Frank Whittle has been describe as solely responsible for the ‘shrinking’ of the world and a certain Winston Churchill once said ‘Get me a thousand Whittles.’

 Who else is an engineer?

That’s right, you read it. The dim witted yet very like able Mr Bean who has graced TV & film with his trademark tweed jacket and red tie combo for years is in fact an engineer! Bet you couldn’t imagine Mr Bean constructing a Boeing 747 or prouncing the lab in a white coat could you? Well…not the actual Mr Bean, but Rowan Atkinson, the person who plays the character most defiantly is. Atkinson who studied at Newcastle University received a degree in Electrical Engineering and then went on to The Queens College, Oxford to acquire his M.Sc. in the subject. Suprising right? he’s now probably the smartest celebrity you’ll see on TV.

Come on, let’s get serious

We’ve looked at the famous faces of engineering now lets see what the industry can offer you. The UK employs more than eight million people in the engineering and manufacturing industries, making it the seventh largest manufacturing nation in the world. Areas of engineering include transport and logistics, energy and utilities and construction. Lets have a look at some of the different areas:
vehicle_outlinePassionate abut cars? the automotive industry has a 730,000 strong UK workforce and thousands more apprentices. In 2011, the UK automotive industry employed 11% of new recruits from universities and higher education institutions.

Belong in the sky? the Aerospace industry employs more than 96,000 people in more than 3,000 companies who help supply both civil and military air transport.

Show me the money.. salary can be a very important factor when deciding which career path to take. You will be glad to hear that this industry certainly doesn’t disappoint; people working in engineering on average can expect to earn around £35,000 per annum whilst management roles hit the £100,000 figures. Not bad ay?

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