Who runs the world? GIRLS!

For centuries and centuries woman have had to fight to get where they want, they have had to push boundaries that few have pushed – all to get to where we are today! There’s nothing woman CAN’T do, so why do we let stereotypes push us back? Keep us from being one of the greats? There is only one answer to that – WE DON’T!


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Be one of the greats…


Believe it or not, but one of the most famous, iconic and best-selling toys in history, the Barbie doll, was created by a woman called Ruth Handler. She created it as she sat watching her own daughter play with dolls, except she wanted her dolls to be something they could use when they were teenagers to create their hopes and aspirations for the future, which is why she gave the Barbie curves and breast! ”Every little girl needed a doll through which to project herself into her dream of her future.” (New York Times, 2002)


Not forgetting…


Hedy-Lamarr-invented-a-to-007Imagine a world without Wi-Fi? Now STOP! It’s too much of a nightmare to even think about! However, without the beautiful actress that was Hedy Lamarr we wouldn’t have had the device that would later revolutionise mobile communications! A world without Wi-Fi! Not only did Hedy Lamarr create a device that the US Navy would use, she was also a Hollywood actress.


Last, but NEVER least…


Marie Curie, is arguably one of the most famous scientists of her time and the most famous female scientist EVER! Both Marie and her husband won a Nobel Prize for their work investigating radioactivity, unfortunately her husband was killed, but Marie continued her work and adapted the X-ray into the first mobile X-ray, which she helped put into ambulances for the First World War.


Each of these inspirational women had a huge impact on the life we lead today, without each of the discoveries we wouldn’t be living the life we are now. Everything we take for granted, like the NHS, without the mobile X-ray who knows when that would have been created? Marie Curie explored all elements of the X-ray and radioactivity to have her break through. Imagine what we would do without Wi-Fi? How often we take that for granted, when our phones decide to lose signal and we don’t have access to Wi-Fi – how many of us feel like we have lost a limb? I know I do! And not forgetting the Barbie doll, our childhood memories were created around that doll, we wouldn’t go to sleep without our Barbie doll!


Now imagine someone in our generation having this much impact on the world? Imagine if that person was YOU.

we can do it








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