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Real Women. Real Engineering. Real Rewards. Currently there is a lack of knowledge surrounding suitable engineering jobs for women, and how they are all currently seen as male dominated jobs. So what do you think about engineering? Have you ever considered studying a STEM based subject? If not, why?

I would like you to meet some of the most inspiring women engineers of today, who have showed us how to have it all. With only 9% of the engineering workforce being female, and only 6% of registered engineers and technicians being women. There is plenty of room for aspiring women to take the plunge, and start a successful career today.

These women have combatted stereotypes again and again, and now it is your turn.


Debbie Sterling:

debbie sterlingDebbie Sterling a female engineer, who gained a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stamford University. Being one of a very small group of women on the course, she decided to do something about it.debbie x

Debbie is the founder and CEO of GoldieBlox, a toy company set out to inspire the next generation of female engineers. She has used her company to help voice her opinion on the lack of women in STEM based subjects, (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). Debbie had made it her life mission to tackle the gender gap in these subjects, and now she needs your help.

Her company has made her extremely successful, with her toys being sold in large retailers like John Lewis, Amazon, Toys R US and many more. If Debbie could pass one piece of advice on to you, upcoming engineers, she’d say “Make your voice heard, and don’t be afraid to take chances.” If you know deep down it is something you aspire to be, then have a go, you have nothing to lose.


Sylvia Todd:

d92232baab20b6725649cc24f579a135Sylvia Todd, the 14 year old engineer who can probably outsmart us all…Sylvia aka Super Awesome Sylvia is very much into DIY engineering and is extremely successful at what she does.

Sylvia has her own web show, where she shows kids and adults how to make different engineering related items. She even has her own project book out on Amazon, so if you don’t believe me, go check it out. Sylvia shows the public the fun and interesting side to engineering, the side which women today don’t associate wth STEM based subjects, and therefore avoid studying them. What Sylvia is doing, is making the general public aware of engineering, and attracting young women to have a go.

Have I tempted you yet? If not…keep on reading to find out more of the amazing rewards from working in engineering.

Heather Knight:

2f8bd657fb5e99e575ec030ddd925a8a782724e5_800x600Heather Knight, a Ph.D. Candidate at Carnegie Mellon’s Robotics Institute. Is a social roboticist who runs Marilyn Monrobot, an interactive robot theatre company. The robots she creates are socially intelligent and the performances are sensor based electronic art. Alongside running her intelligent  robot performances, she works alongside some of the top engineers in the world, as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

Heather did a bachelor and masters degree in Electrical Engineering and Computer Sciences, and has a minor in Mechanical Engineering. Her work is incredible and inspires upcoming engineers, Heather made Forbes list of 30 under 30 in Science, and is well known for her use of robotics to try and attract more people to STEM.

Heather is interested in using the robots to help us do things that were never possible before, she sees it as an opportunity to become even cleverer. If you are a visionary like Heather and want to do things to change the260373597_295x166 world, then why not join mind alike people on an engineering course.




And finally, if I haven’t got your attention already…maybe this last lady engineer will.

Limor Fried:


Meet Limor Fried, an American electrical engineer and owner of the electronics hobbyist company Adafruit Indusries. Adafruit Industries is an open-source hardware community, which designs and sells a number of electronic products and components.

Limor studied Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and gained a Master of Engineering. Limor was awarded the most influential women in Technology Award in 2011, by the Fast Company magazine, and she has continued to impress ever since. Limor said, “If there is one thing I’d like to see from this, it would be for some kids to say to themselves, ‘I could do that’ and start the journey to becoming an engineer and entrepreneur.”




With 84% of female engineers being either happy or extremely happy with their career choice, why not take a chance and make your voice heard. If you care creative, dynamic and want to learn, then engineering is for you!

It is not all about oily rags, it can be rather sophisticated and exciting.

A recent study by Maria Klawe, found out that at Harvey Mudd College, the ration of Women in Computer Science increased from 10% to 40% in 5 years. ‘Where over the last few years instructors have been constantly working and using all of their efforts to remove the intimidation factors and the common “macho” effect.’ This method has clearly worked and has proven that Computer Science or any STEM subject is suitable and exciting for women, when the stereotypes are removed.

Would you like to be like Debbie, Sylvia, Heather and Limor? They have worked to destroy gender difference in STEM based subjects, and stereotypes of engineering. Now it is your turn to have a go!

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