Taking contouring to a whole new level, become a woman in engineering.

Close your eyes and think of an Engineer, what do you see? If you see a man, with tools and dirty oil spilled clothes, then you are not the onlywie one. When I close my eyes and I think of an engineer, I see a person who is bright, who’s head is filled with dreams and ambition. What I don’t notice is if they are wearing a skirt or trousers. Engineering knows no gender, it doesn’t care if your hands are stained with oil or if your nails are perfectly manicured. It doesn’t care if your eyebrows are ‘on fleek’ or if your hard hat matches your work boots.

There is far more to Advanced Manufacturing (AM) than you may think it can vary from;

  • Environmental
  • Nuclear
  • Mechanical
  • Software
  • Special fields engineering


Another is Civil and structural engineering which explores the contour lines on a map which demonstrate how high/steep something is – Civil engineers also help to preserve the environment by assisting in the cleaning up of existing pollution and planning ways to reduce future pollution of air, land and water.

Currently Women in the UK make up just 15% of the STEM work force – This is just not enough, with only 15% of engineers who are women. The UK has a huge problem with the low numbers of women in AM roles and this is partly due to the stereotype of it being a male orientated industry, but we are all forgetting the wise words of one very influential and inspirational women – Beyoncé; “Who run the world? GIRLS!”. 

We Women can do absolutely anything we set our minds to, and that includes AM in engineering. AM is a high tech industry which is essential for the future whether it is engineering an aircraft or saving the environment, you can engineer anything you set your mind too.

So what is STEM?

STEM is a combination of; Science, Technology, Engineering and Math education. It allows you learn the skills you need to build your dreams.

STEM subjects are valuable not only because they can lead to exciting, rewarding career options, but also because they enable individuals to be active citizens in an increasingly technological society. Some STEM jobs do not all require a university degree, You can go in to an apprenticeship and study for your qualifications whilst working and learning.


iphone and snapchatWhy dream about the future when you can create it?

Right now you’re probably not thinking a lot about what college or university you want to go to, or even what career you’d like to go in to. Well how about wanting to change the world? Create the latest app? Send Astronauts in to space? Creating opportunity and adventure in everything you do. You would be in a position to change the world, not just live in it.



What does it take to be a woman in engineering?bethan pic

So meet Bethan, she currently works for Rolls-Royce in the Aero Space engineering department and is an ambassador for STEM. She has made it her mission to encourage more girls into STEM.

But when she was in school choosing her GCSE’s and A-levels this is not where she thought she would be in the future. For her GCSE options she took textiles, geography, German and drama (not what you might expect of an engineer, right?)

When she started her A-levels she originally took English, Philosophy and Ethics, Geography and Maths. But then Bethan was lucky enough to be chosen to go on a trip of a life time to NASA’s space camp. This is where her love for engineering developed and when she returned to college after realising her passion she changed her A-levels to Geography, Maths, Physics and Biology. Giving her the best chance at a career in Advance manufacturing. Bethan says that to be a successful engineer you need drive, passion and ambition, sound like something you could do?

So here’s to answering the age old question, what do you want to be when you grow up?

Be a girl in STEM. Don’t wait for the world to change. Go out there and change it; if you can think it, you can create it. Any one of us can do anything as long as we have passion. In 2015 results continued to show that girls overall achieved better grades then boys in STEM subjects obtaining more A*’s and A’s – so who says engineering is for boys? Engineers turn dreams in to reality.

Where do you sign up?

If you’re looking for an inspiration like Bethan had then visit who can make a trip of a lifetime possible. Or if your mind is already made up go to to start your amazing journey. Follow us on Facebook on and click on the images to be linked to their pages. Comment below with any questions you have for myself or for Bethan.

Why click on the links? The future might just surprise you….



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