Engineering: The Career with No Limits

A wise man once said that nothing is impossible, and what seems impossible can be solved by an engineer. This wise man was Michio Kaku, a famous Japanese-American scientist. Kaku tries to make science popular in order to encourage young people to try and become an engineer, and we’re not surprised.
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Can you imagine a world without any chores? What Kaku is talking about applies to this! Engineers have the power to plan, design and build anything you can imagine. There was once a time where you couldn’t just put your dishes into a dishwasher and have them magically cleaned. Genius minds among the engineer world constantly create ideas to try and make life a little easier.

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Question Time!
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Question: What do A-List stars Ashton Kutcher, Terri Hatcher and Cindy Crawford have in common?

Answer: They all studied engineering!




Believe it or not, before these three celebrities were swept away for a glamorous life in LaLa land, they each attended university to start a career in engineering. And we’re not surprised! With the numerous different paths that Engineering can take you on, not to mention a very healthy salary, it is one of the most interesting and fulfilling jobs you could possibly do. The question is: why?

Ever heard of the Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building or Taj Mahal? Engineering is the type of career that can make you associated with some of the most outstanding and world-renowned buildings in the world. Perhaps creativity is your forte, why not put it to use in a career in engineering and become involved in creating stunning buildings that let you to really show off your talents.

And this is only one of the paths that Engineering could take you. There are many types of engineering, as shown below.



Aerospace Engineering
This type of engineering can lead to becoming a consultant for aerospace and airline companies. An aerospace engineer would plan and design technology that help astronauts get to space. Become involved with the next project that will be history in the making.

Chemical Engineers are involved with solving some of humanities greatest problems. Using science as a way to produce systems that control how atoms react with eachother means chemical engineers can make ground-breaking discoveries to try and help in many projects within the world including saving the planet. Not to mention a very healthy salary of up to $90,000. 


Biomedical engineering will find you in hospitals, research labs and even manufacturing facilities. Another worthy career concerned with the well-being of humanity, biomedical engineers are trained to make solutions that improve patient care.




civilMaybe you have the type of attitude that means you love to take charge and be in control of large projects. If so, civil engineering could be for you. Civil engineers supervise and help direct building teams as well as working with other engineers, specialising in external road services such as bridges and water supply systems.




Computer Engineering
Maybe computers are more your thing. In order to become involved with making video games and having a say in how the next Xbox is made, you will need to study computer engineering first. Computer engineers develop and improve software systems that make computers run. This means your favourite video game was likely created with the help of a computer engineer.


Before jumping to conclusions, mechanical engineering is not all about fixing cars! Although thmechanicalat can be a part of it, if cars are your thing, but it is actually the study of motion, energy and force. By using materials and resources, mechanical engineers develop solutions that help the needs of society, similar to all types of engineering.



These are only a few of the options that you could go into with engineering, but in reality, there are over 40 different types of engineering. No wonder A-List celebs wanted a career in engineering. With so much to choose from, there’s something for everyone. Good money, a job that will always be in demand, lots of variety and a chance to help improve the world. What’s not to like about engineering?

If you think a career in engineering might be for you or you want to find out some more information, please follow the link below:




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