The Dream career you’ve never been told about!

The Dream career you’ve never been told about

Like sports? Design a new football, like music? Help design instruments. Whatever you want to do, Engineering can help.

Believe in yourself

Would you want to work in the same place every single day doing the same boring job? Of course you wouldn’t. We all want to wake up in the morning and be exited to go to work. Do you wake up some days and get excited that you’ve got a certain lesson that day and it makes the whole day go quicker? Well it can be the same for the work you do. It’s possible to have fun whilst working, test ourselves and get money all at the same time!

A career where you can work in an office, laboratories, recording studios, hospitals, underground, outdoors and even at sea. Wherever you want. If I said this is all possible by engineering, would you think ‘no way!’? Maybe you think engineering is a ‘guys’ job, that’s a hard-working dirty job in a garage somewhere fixing cars or lots of machines, well you’d be wrong, and so was I.

Gaming Engineer

I always wanted to design video games (and who doesn’t, video games are cool) but I never thought it was possible, nobody had told me engineering meant literally anything. Whatever your hobby or interest is, engineering can help you have the career you dream about. If you think “no way, engineering is just for boys” then you would definitely be wrong, got five minutes? Try googling ‘Jen Fitzpatrick, Kate Bergeron, Erica Lockheimer. All millionaires who have changed the online world and not one dirty spanner in sight. If money is what you want or you want to help change the world or even have just a fun enjoyable career then this really is the way to go.

Nike Testing

Take Patty Srinath for instance, she never knew what she wanted to become after school but her passion was to go swimming. Swimmers have always tried to find out how to go quicker in the water and with engineering it became possible. She had the desire to want to help improve the sport of swimming and it was there she found out about fluid mechanics which is a way of understanding how objects move through a liquid. She knew engineers influence sport massively and can improve athlete’s performances and this is what she has now became. Now part of the Digital sport group at Nike she has helped design the Nike Sport watch, the Nike training app and other Nike products. She’s said that she believes “a lot of people still have the misconception that engineers are like the guys in NASA mission control in the 1960s: it’s not like that in reality” and that’s true, it can be for everyone. Her day-to-day job is going around athletic teams and working alongside Nike to develop products. Sounds pretty great to me and there’s not a dirty overall or spanner in sight. But she completes very important work that changes the way we go about our daily lives. That’s why engineering is so important, it has such a wide range of jobs that impact our lives without us even knowing.

Rollercoaster ride

I know a rollercoaster engineer who travels around the countries theme parks helping design new rides for millions of people to use. He gets free tickets to most theme parks and even gets sent around the world to look at other parks (how fun is that!). My friend’s mother is a fashion engineer who has assisted in creating outfits for Coldplay, Nicole Scherzinger and McBusted and many other celebrities for the past 20 years. My best friend is a sound engineer who this summer will be working at Coachella, Glastonbury and working at the Liverpool Echo arena, she even helped Beyoncé on her UK tour! Get my point? Engineering can help you become whatever you desire to do, don’t be shy, think big!

If preventing pollution, developing new medicines, creating advanced technologies, even exploring new worlds isn’t quite your thing (and I really don’t know why it isn’t) then there’s even more for you out there. The opportunities are endless, no more worrying what you’re going to be doing after school. Want to find out more about this exiting industry? Want to start your path to your dream job, it’s never too early. You can visit YouTube and search Endgaim engineering (there’s plenty of great helpful videos), you can visit the site at (where you can read more great blogs like mine) or you can check them out on Facebook and Twitter. If you’d like to visit somewhere to further inspire you, why not go to the Big Bang fair in Liverpool in July and experience the exiting world of engineering (trust me, bring your friends, it’s an amazing day) Lastly you can watch this presentation to here more about this ( go on – there’s even a game)

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