Advanced Manufacturing could be the career for you, think to infinity and beyond!

Do you want a career that allows you to use your creative ideas to design and build new products for the future? Well, a career in advanced manufacturing could be for yoadvanced manufacturingu! Advanced manufacturing uses technology based systems and processes to create products. The current issue facing the UK advanced manufacturing industry is the lower number of applications for the university courses which would support this type of career. To become part of this exciting industry you need to make the right decisions even at your age.

Countries such as America and China have developed some of the largest advanced manufacturing industries in the world. The UK’s advanced manufacturing industry is lagging behind these countries because of the lack of applicants for these types of careers. In order for the UK to be able to be seen as having one of the most powerful advanced manufacturing industries in the world we need more young people like yourselves to begin careers in advanced manufacturing and engineering!

In the North-West there are over 323,000 people working in the manufacturing industry, this is the highest number of people working in the manufacturing industry in the UK!  Despite this positive number of people in jobs, in recent years the number of people in advanced manufacturing employment has declined by around 6%. The UK needs more young people to complete advanced manufacturing University courses to go on and get jobs in this industry, this will make sure that the UK can remain competitive in the global advanced manufacturing market.

Girls, you may be thinking that careers in advanced manufacturing are just for boys. Well you couldn’t be more wrong! The UK is desperate for girls to begin careers in this creative and innovative industry. Branches of advanced manufacturing include areas of engineering such as automotive engineering, computer technology engineering and nuclear engineering. It also includes aeronautical engineering which focuses on the development of aircraft and spacecraft, wouldn’t you like to be a part of building the next big thing in space technology?

Becoming an aeronautical engineer could provide you with opportunities that you never dreamed could be possible! By using your own creative ideas, you could be a part of designing, developing and building parts of an aircraft for huge international companies such as Boeing and Airbus. Although airplanes are now big, expensive, technology based machines they didn’t always start off that way. The Wright Brothers created the first powered airplane which they were first able to fly successfully on 17th December 1903. Although their initial flight lasted only 12 seconds, by the end of the day they had managed to fly the plane for 59 seconds. Their determination to create and fly the world’s first powered airplane shows just what you can do if you tap into your creative thoughts.


Airplanes have improved significantly since the Wright Brothers invention; travelling on an airplane is now seen as a very normal activity. Boeing have recently introduced their 787 Dreamliner, which uses innovative technology to improve airline travel. The Dreamliner has not only increased fuel efficiency but has enabled carriers to expand into new flying routes. For passengers, the new aircraft has enabled a smoother and more comfortable flying experience. Who wouldn’t want to be a part of this industry?

Not only could you be part of a team that helps to build airplanes to fly people all around the globe, being an aeronautical engineer could mean you may be part of a team involved in the exciting creation of spacecraft! Recently Virgin have become increasingly dedicated to their Virgin Galactic space programme. Their vision is to provide spacecraft travel to regular people such as you and me. There are only around 550 people in the whole world who have visited space, that isn’t a lot of people is it? Virgin have specially designed spacecraft which would allow them to transport people to and from space, they want to give people the opportunity to explore beyond the galaxy!  Having a career in aeronautical engineering could open doors to exciting opportunities just like Virgin Galactic.

Creating a spacecraft to allow people like you and me to go to space is no easy task. On their journey to make space travel easy for everyone Virgin Galactic has faced a numvirgin galacticber of setbacks. Richard Branson, Head of Virgin, remains positive that it is what the company wants to do, “From the designers, the builders, the engineers, the pilots and the whole community who passionately believed- and still believe- that truly opening space and making it accessible and safe is of vital importance to all our futures.” He is passionate about making space travel available to everybody, wouldn’t you like to be that passionate about your work?

A career in advanced manufacturing could mean that you have an exciting and rewarding job using your creative ideas to engineer new technology. Becoming an aeronautical engineer gives you the opportunity to build aircraft to take people to exciting foreign destinations or you could be buzzresponsible to building spacecraft taking people into the galaxy! If you think advanced manufacturing could be for you, head over to for more information about how this could be the career for you. You can also visit for further information about advanced manufacturing! Thinking back to Buzz Lightyear’s famous line, let advanced manufacturing take your dreams to infinity and beyond!!

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