Becoming an engineer made simple

The question we all don’t want to hear?

“What do you want to be when you are older?”engineer-cartoon-plans-site-clip-art-45166

Well if like me you are a bit unsure of what that exactly is then worry no further! This blog will inform those of the age of 11-16 on the routes and paths taken to become a engineer.

The added growing pressure on young people to make quick decisions on school subjects to study as ‘options’ is growing.Initially I chose Geography and History, not because I liked them, because I thought they would get me a job!

“Hahahaha, silly me!”

Quickly, I changed them because I didn’t want to be bored forever! I decided to study woodwork in year 10 and product design in year 11. The things I enjoyed most about Design Technology were:

  • Having control over my project, from design to making.
  • Getting to use the workshop machines, (Stay away from the band-saw!)
  • Having my own folder( I know how sad!)
  • Getting to use spray paint!

However, this did involve some of the worst jobs ever:

  • Cleaning Up(Im still a bit dusty)
  • Not looking cool in my goggles! seenoevil

“I hate tests though”

The best part was of design technology was getting my first A grade GCSE, I done this by Getting a A in both my folder and making! And Guess what! If you get A in the folder and making you will automatically attain a C grade before you take the test your test!   Snapchat-2184374894902487612

After leaving school I didn’t really know what to do with myself and felt that there wasnt many subject areas where i could show my interest in Design and Technology. Yet today, I will introduce you to Advanced Manufacturing.

Advanced Manufacturing  

“So if you have an interest in design and technology, then the future is bright!”

Advanced manufacturing is the use of innovative technology, technology that is cutting edge and further advances the use of products.

“Without any big words AM is”

A way of making things better, making the ways we can use things better! The reason this is important is because not many people have jobs in this area. Many people think you have to be big strong man to work within manufacturing, well you don’t, the demand for young women and men to build a career in this area is at a high.

So if you have a wild imagination, enjoy solving problems, enjoy learning how to make thing better and enjoy taking control then the advanced manufacturing world is for you! and guess what it pays well!

So you’ll finally be able to open enough Fifa Ultimate team packs to get Ronaldo, or save up for the ten pairs of Jimmy Choo’s you look at instagramlogoeveryday on Insta’hqdefault


Stem subjects.

STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) are no subjects important to the industrial world. While these are some of the most important subjects, students often overlook them, it is a skill-set that is in high demand by employers. and by choosing these subjects at GCSE level, this will help you to becoming a future engineer or work with advanced manufacturing.


College or Six-form 

As a result of the information above, paths to becoming an engineer and working with the world of Advanced Manufacturing are on the rise, and we hope to attract people like you!

Many colleges and six-forms are now offering level-2 courses in advanced manufacturing and engineering for those of use interested. These courses involve:

  • Working safely
  • Interpreting engineering Information
  • Mathematics
  • Applied mechanical and electrical science
  • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
  • Selecting engineering materials
  • Electronic circuit construction


As mentioned earlier when talking about Options, GCSE’s and My A(sorry to mention it again) there are some entry requirements to these courses, yet if you choose a design technology subject I am sure you will be okay. The requirements are :

  • A relevant Level 1 Engineering qualification
  • 3 GCSEs at grade D or above in maths, English or science

So, if you concentrate on your maths and English, as I’m sure you do and do well within your option you will be able to study at level 2, Advanced manufacturing and Engineering. Stem subjects are also another path.

Your Future 

So somewhere down the line, after college or six-form you will likely be thinking about going to university. University life is pretty good, No its like hogwarts, and you probably wont be sitting on the grass with a group of friends studying, yet it is still a important step in becoming an engineer or working within advanced manufacturing, the numbers of students studying stem subjects is low, we hope you will be able to improve this in the future. 


Group of college students studying at campus

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