Engineering is like flying past cloud 9 and landing on the moon

What is advanced manufacturing?

Advanced manufacturing is the use of futuristic technology to improve products or processes. Advanced manufacturing helps us live the life we do and enables us to enjoy it a lot more. without advanced manufacturing we would be unable to use our cars, our phones, computers and laptops along with travelling the world and saving lives.

So, what would the world look like today without engineers?

What is STEM?

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering and mathematics. If you’re currently interested or enjoy those particular subjects, they can benefit you more than you know as there is such a tie-in to real work environments, and to future employment possibilities. keep on working hard in maths and science! You never know, the important lessons you learn in school could one day make you a leading global engineer helping the world and improving people’s lives.

Men vs Women

The UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers than any other country in Europe, where only 9% of engineers are women, in comparison Latvia, Bulgaria and Cyprus lead with nearly 30%.

Females generally switch their career paths as they don’t believe their skills are good enough and they don’t feel like they fit in engineering.

Engineering has commonly held a stereotype that it’s a man’s job with oily rags and dirty hands however there is a lot more to know with engineering.

  • Engineering students are only second to medics in securing full-time jobs and earning good salaries.
  • Diversity matters as companies are more likely to perform better if they have gender diverse.
  • In a global survey, 85% diversity and talent leaders agreed that a diverse and broad workforce is important to boosting different viewpoints and ideas that drive innovation.

Who needs a driving license?

Google’s self-driving cars are heading down the dusty roads of Phoenix.

On Thursday, the company announced via Google+ that it’s car has started driving around the Arizona capital. The goal at this point is for Google’s test drivers to make a map of the streets, lane markers, traffic lights and curbs in and around the area, according to the company. That information will then be fed into the technology fixed in the independent cars so they know how to navigate the city on their own.

Proving that self-driving vehicles can share the roads with human drivers is a challenge for Google and other companies testing the technology. With tech firms and automakers racing to hit the roads with self-driving cars in the next several years, showing that these vehicles can handle diverse conditions in a variety of cities is critical to widespread adoption.

Your country needs you!

As the UK is currently lacking in innovation and motivation, the country needs the next generation of engineers to make a difference. We need you to be the engineers of the future. You could be the next generation of amazing engineers who will achieve brilliant things like increasing renewable energy, creating great buildings and inventing impressive transport.

If you wish to pursue in engineering it is pretty simple really. You just keep on working hard in maths and science!


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