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Do you want a chance to change people’s lives with your future career? Well why not delve into the world of engineering and consider pursuing a career in advance manufacturing. Just let your journey start there…

So what exactly is advance manufacturing?

AM sees the use of ground-breaking technology to enhance the products and processes that we use in our world today.

When you think of engineering jobs do you automatically think that you have to be male to work in this industry? If you answered yes, you are not alone.  You probably also think that working in this industry means having an oily rag job and in your head you envision a typical car mechanic. Let us assure you, that this is in fact not the case.

We can all relate to engineers working as advanced manufacturers, as we’ve been influenced by it our whole life whether we’ve realised that or not, from the toys we used to play with to the smartphone that is probably in your hand now… hand-apple-iphone-smartphone

Engineering is a fun, exciting and very fast moving industry. By becoming part of this trade you will have the power to create change and make a difference. For example, consider Steve Jobs, the founder of Apple who changed the world in many ways through technology. With so many technological achievements there are many in which we could discuss, but one specific highlight was the way in which he allowed us to enjoying music. Steve Jobs worked with countless engineers to help turn his ideas into realities – and so iTunes and iPod’s were born in 2001.


Steve Jobs:

I think great artists and great engineers are similar, in that they both desire to express themselves.

Also we could consider the apps we use on our phones in our everyday lives and how they’ve even changed the way we socialise e.g. do you use Snapchat? The creator behind this was Evan Spiegel Thomas. By pursuing a career in engineering you too could be the genius behind manufacturing the next ‘got to have’ app.

Listen up girls

It’s unfortunate to realise that females are missing out on the endless opportunities that a career in advance manufacturing can provide them with. Believe it or not, the UK actually has one of the lowest percentages of female engineering professions in Europe.
According to WES statistics documents only 9% of the engineering workforce in the UK are female. Only 15.8% of people studying undergraduate engineering degrees are women when compared to India where this figure is 30%.
So we have to ask ourselves, why is there such a low figure for females in the engineering industry?girlt hinkinh

Well, we could blame it in on the fact that not enough emphasis is being placed on the need to study STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects whilst at school.  As the perception of STEM subjects tends to be hard, boring and male dominated, the sky is the limit right? Wrong! In the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger himself:

Your mind is the limit. As you long as the mind can envision the fact that you can do something, you can do it.

Don’t let the stereotypical thinking that is associated with studying STEM subjects prevent you from being the best you can be and achieving your dream. Do you think the likes of Hedy Lamarr let the fear of something being ‘too hard’ stop her from going forward with turning her idea into a reality? If she did, then we would be living in a world without Wi-Fi, can you imagine that?

As Beyoncé once said … who runs the world? GIRLS!


Why studying STEM can be life changing

By opting to choose to study a STEM subject you are only increasing your opportunities and options for your future, as well as the power to change the future of others. It will provide you with the skills to combat many of the problems that we face today in society. For example, do you want to tackle climate change? Well maybe you could be the person to find the solution…

Study STEM and change your life by unlocking your full potential.

Still not satisfied?  Well what if I informed you that…

Working in this industry will not only be a job you love and enjoy but also one where you can earn a very high salary which is a bonus.

  • The average starting salary for a graduate engineer is £25,762 which is above the average for the UK starting graduate salaries.
  • You can earn excess of £50,000 as you move up in your career which again is above the average compared to most other sectors
  • Engineers are in high demand so getting a job is more or less guaranteed, with engineering employers expected to need 82 million people with engineering skills from 2012-2022.
  • You will gain skills that can be applied to anywhere
  • There is a wide choice of field you could go into with engineering to suit your interests for e.g. aerospace, agriculture, mechanical, manufacturing, environmental and many more. Have you gott4rt4 an interest in space?  Well what if I told you could visit it one day, maybe through pursuing a career in aerospace engineering. How cool would that be?
  • The perfect career to embrace creativity and challenges



With the high and increasing demand for engineers there has never been a better time to join this industry. It is time to break the stereotype associated with engineering, let’s stand up together and make a change.

Want to create your stamp in this world?  Then consider a career in AM!

For more information and advice on careers in advance manufacturing:

Endgaim engineering, be inpsired,  let your journey start here.




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