Engineers help save the World every day, how will you use your superpower?

What if I told you, you could be the one to help make the World a more sustainable place? And that this could be done with one superpower… Being an Engineer. A person who is brave, caring, helpful, and saves people – again I am not talking about a Superhero. I am talking about being an Engineer; whether you are a boy or a girl it does not matter! Our world depends on Engineers to help design everything in our everyday lives from where we live, what we drive, how we communicate, and even what we eat.

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Let’s think about that for a second. What does an iPhone, Aeroplane, The Brooklyn Bridge, and your School building all have in common? They were all designed by Engineers! Don’t worry, The Brooklyn Bridge may be man-made, but not like in the picture!

Quick Fact: Did you know, the construction of The Brooklyn Bridge was led by a lady named Emily Roebling, a self-trained Engineer?

There are many ways to save the world, with issues ranging from world hunger, curing cancer, clean water, climate change, to energy. You might think you have to be a superhero just to make an impact, right? An Engineer can help with all of them problems and that Engineer could be you!

It is believed that you would be good at Engineering if:

  • You see a tamper-proof screw as a challenge instead of a warning, that’s a good sign – this is needed to come up with new ways of solving problems
  • Like Maths and Science; Do you ever find yourself asking the teacher a million questions of why and how things are the way they are?

So, what’s the Problem?

There is a huge problem in the UK with the lack of girls wanting to study Engineering.  This is because of the misunderstanding of what Engineering really is. The most common reason for girls not wanting to study Engineering is because ‘they want to help people’. It’s not all about fixing cars and machines.

Only 9 percent of women represent the Engineering workforce, even though girls have outperformed boys in Grades A*-C in STEM (That’s short for Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) GCSE subjects.

Demand is high for young people who have STEM skills who could go on to be extremely successful in Engineering. Results show that only 5 percent of degrees awarded in 2010 in the UK were in Engineering– compared to 31 percent for China. This means you have a really good chance of getting a well-paid job straight after your studies. Did you know, 33 percent of all CEO’s (Chief Executive Officers) in companies such as Yahoo, Google, Microsoft, and Apple all have Engineering degrees?

Quick Fact: Yahoo’s CEO is a successful woman named Marissa Mayer, who was Google’s first female Engineer!

How have others helped the world as an Engineer?

Just take a moment to scroll back to look at the picture of the iPhone. Now, imagine a world without things like phones or Wi-Fi. Now STOP!

That’s enough imagining for one day. However, if it weren’t for brains and beauty actress named Hedy Lamarr, we wouldn’t have such technology to be able to go online and play against friends on the likes of Minecraft! Not only did she help advance technology, she was also a Hollywood actress! Engineering is not ‘geeky’ like it is made out to be. It is not a boys-only job with oily rags, it can be a glamorous and creative career path.

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 How can you help the world as an Engineer?

So, in terms of wanting to help people, Engineers are the people for the job. More than one billion people don’t have access to safe drinking water; more than two billion people are without suitable sanitation. Engineersdirty water are the superheroes in this case who are inventing ways to make the world a better, cleaner and safer place.

How have young people helped in Engineering?

Just like you, a young girl called Megan Shea, at 18 years old designed a really cheap water filter that removes 99 percent of bacteria, with the potential to save lives in the world’s poorest places.

While attending a summer science and technology camp, Megan learned about the ‘miracle’ Moringa – a tree with seeds that turns dirty water into safe, drinking water.

Megan Engineered a simple filter that can be built with plastic bottles. Inside it, she crushed the Moringa seeds along with common filtering materials such as dirt, charcoal, and fabric. Using the seeds helped cause the bacteria to clump together leaving the water bacteria free.

Megan is just one of many young girls making a difference to the world through the use of Engineering, so if you hear one of your friends say ‘Engineering doesn’t help people’ you can tell them of how Megan has provided people with clean and safe drinking water!

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Different areas of Engineering


From computer science to sustainable energy, robotics to aeroplanes, and medical technology to designing buildings – there are tonnes of Engineering degrees to suit you.

Below are some Engineering jobs you can get straight after studies because of the high demand for Engineers.

Let’s talk money!

  • Petroleum Engineers (oil and gas industry) have an average starting salary of £61,271
  • Computer Engineers have an average starting salary of £46,985
  • Chemical Engineering graduates have an average starting salary of £44,298

Hooked on Engineering yet?

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