Girls, Your Country Needs You!

Ever been asked, “So, what do you want to be when you’re older?” ?

“I want to be a singer”

“I want to be a Kardashian”

Not a good look!

“I want to be a make up artist”

What about..?

“I want to be an engineer”

But engineering is for boys, right? Wrong!

You may have been led to believe that the engineering industry is more about brawn than brain but nothing could be further from the truth. There are many different types of engineering, all as important as each other and all contributing to the world we live in. Engineering isn’t just about cars and machinery, there are loads of different aspects to engineering that you probably didn’t think about before. Engineers can:

  • Design and build aeroplanes.
  • Design websites, games and apps.
  • Produce military equipment, systems and vehicles.
  • And so much more!

Without engineers, the internet would not exist.

No internet

But why me?

There is a big problem in the UK and it is causing us to fall behind other European nations. Current statistics suggest that there is a serious shortage of female engineers working in the UK and NOW is the time to change.

  • Only 9% of the engineering workforce is the UK is female.
  • The UK has the lowest number of female engineers is the whole of Europe, falling behind the likes of Latvia and and Bulgaria (Who?!)
  • 64% of engineering employers say that a lack of engineers is a threat to their business.
  • Only 25% of A Level Physics students are girls.

OK, so what can I do?

Very soon, you will be asked to pick your GCSE options. The usual subjects will crop up; History, Geography, Art (Yawn, right?). Instead of choosing all of the subjects which you think might be easy or a sit off (Don’t pretend you haven’t thought about it), why not choose an option which will benefit you in the future?

Choose STEM!

STEM, or; Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics to give it its full title, is made up of a group of subjects which will allow you to help the UK great again. And it’s not just about the future, you can have a great time learning now with the wide range of topics STEM subjects brings. With a STEM GCSE under your belt you could:

Be a physicist and explore the universe like Dr Brian Cox 

  • Brian is a doctor of Physics after studying at Manchester University. He also worked on the Hadron Collider and even had time to bag a number one hit! (Ask your Mum and Dad!)

Be the next Zuckerberg and earn BILLIONS! 

  • Mark studied computer science at Harvard and with all the amazing stuff he learned, he created and developed Facebook. Without Mark, how would you get to see all those videos of cats playing musical instruments?!

Or best of all, forget the men and make a name for YOURSELF and be the next great female engineer!

That’s exactly what Cynthia Breazeal did…

  • Cynthia studied Electrical and Computer Engineering at the University of California and used her wealth of knowledge to begin to develop social robots. Cynthia has helped to develop a number of socially interactive robots which can help with diet and exercise, and day to day interaction with humans. She also developed a robot which could interact with the real C3PO. Boss!

Don’t be a Kim, be a Cynthia 

Engineering and science are so diverse that you could be researching new methods to cure disease and illness or helping to design fighter jets! The most important thing though is that by choosing a STEM subject, you are giving yourself the best possible chance to gain employment when you leave school. Recent statistics find that 84% of female engineers are either happy or extremely happy with their career whilst the Engineering industry offers the second best chance of securing a full time job with a good salary. According to the latest figures, the average starting salary for an engineer is in excess of £25,000 with potential earnings reaching a whopping £50,000. Not bad!

OK, I get it. So what next?

If you really want the chance to work in a truly rewarding industry where no two days are the same, you should really consider a STEM subject. There are loads of great websites you can visit to find out more about all the different engineering disciplines and you can find inspiring women everywhere you turn.

You can also find more info at where you will find loads of great content about engineering and maybe learn a few things along the way too. Just remember that your GCSEs are an important step towards your future career and by choosing a career in Engineering you’ll be helping the girls show the boys how it’s done!

So come on girls, your country needs you!


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