How Do I Know Advanced Manufacturing Is for Me and What do I need to do to enter that area?!

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With every blog article we try to give you a different angle of advanced manufacturing, how it works or what are the newest projects we are working on. This time we are going to give you some insight of engineering and answer the question:  how do I know advanced manufacturing is for me and what do I need to do to enter that area?   This is a crucial question as the majority of you will be choosing your study courses and what universities you would like to go to very soon, but before you make that choice you will need to decide what GCSE’s you should study in order to get to the right university.  As we noticed from the emails you sent us, there are still some hesitations regarding what courses you should choose that will help you to get into the advanced manufacturing business and what skills you need to succeed in that area.

This is the time you need to start thinking seriously and more responsible about your future if you can see yourself in a field of advanced manufacturing.  You need to know that engineers are responsible for the greatest inventions we use and the world depends on them.  Advanced manufacturing is not only about space shuttle but about air conditioning systems and bridges, everything requires the work of engineering.  In order to succeed in the area of engineering you must possess not only certain qualities, but also a bachelor degree or even higher education.  What is more in your emails you tend to ask a question if you can work within advanced manufacturing if you are a woman?  The answer is yes you can, the field is awaiting equally women as men, however, we will come back to this later.

Majority of you tend to think that all you need to enter certain industry you need a degree and that is correct, however, have you ever thought about other factors that could impact your future career choices?  If you are planning on taking a career path in engineering you need to ensure that you possess several qualities, which are the key to make you a great engineer.  Yes, you certainly need a degree in a particular field, but without certain features you might find out that it is ‘not your cup of tea’.   If you are still unsure if you have those certain qualities have a look at the below table and put a tick next to each of the point if you feel this is something you have.

  Tick if yes
Possesses a Strong Analytical Aptitude  
Shows an Attention to Details  
Has Excellent Communication Skills  
Takes Part in Continuing Education  
Is Creative  
Takes Part in Continuing Education  
Shows an Ability to Think Logically  
Is Mathematically Inclined  
Has Good Problem Solving Skills  
Is a Team Player  
Has Excellent Technical Knowledge  


If you have more than 5 ticks than you do possess qualities to become an engineer, all you need now is choosing an accurate degree, which will allow you to go into the advanced manufacturing sector.  Choosing a course and university is not always easy, as you have to consider a variety of factors, which will be a part of your life for next couple of yours or even forever.  Having a degree and a range of qualities to become an engineer opens the door to the career, however, quite often it is not enough.  You should consider prestige of university you are going to attend to and also what they have to offer.  For instance: some of universities offer work experience opportunities, which often leads to a job offer in the longer term, hence starting early with choosing correct GCSE’s and the nbachelor degree or even stepping into further education is crucial for achieving success.

Another thing we would like to make clear as we receive plenty of emails from female part that they are unsure whether they will be able to succeed in advanced manufacturing field.  Looking at statistics only 9% in UK of engineer professionals are women, which is quite disappointing as comparing to other countries like Spain 18% and Sweden 20%, UK has the lowest percentage of female engineers in Europe (Marsh, 2014).  Those statistics show how low is the amount of females within the advanced manufacturing area and how much desired are women to join the industry.  Hence, do not think whether you will find a job as an engineer because you most certainly will!  Companies support female career developments and helps businesses address organisation barriers and retain high potential women.

There have been always women in engineering one of the first of women who stepped into engineering area was Emily Roebling (1803-1903) who was a technical leader at the Brooklyn Bridge when her husband became paralyzed and her help was required to finish his work.  She took responsibility for the chief engineer’s duties, and with her help the Brooklyn Bridge was completed in 1883.

After reading this blog article you should have an initial idea whether advanced manufacturing is for you and what features you need to possess in order to become a successful engineer.  Looking at certain qualities you need to have and looking at GCSE’s you are going to choose should give you an indication whether you are aiming towards an engineer direction.

A note to all young girls:  do not hesitate applying for engineering courses! If you feel that this is where you see yourself in 10years time just do it.

If you would like to find out more, contact your careers advisor at your school now and don’t forget to bookmark , which has links to further information you might find useful.



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