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endgaim logo What does being an engineer mean to you?

Does that mean working on a building site? Assembling a bridge? Or how about going into space? Designing some of the world’s biggest buildings? Or creating a cure for diseases? Girls, there is major issue we need to talk about: only 4,405 girls applied to study an engineering course at university in comparison to 20,305 boys. Hey, what’s that about?

Learning about equations in maths, soil in science or building a chair in technology – this is just the beginning. There is a whole world out there that is waiting on intelligent ladies just like you to create something brilliant.

Engineering Myth Buster

So let’s start at the beginning and get rid of some of those myths about engineering.

1.“Engineering isn’t for girls”

If you love being creative, solving problems and talking to new people then why can’t engineering be for you? We girls are here to prove that anything boys can do, we can do too. Unfortunately only around 6% of engineers in the UK are female – girls we have got to show the boys who is boss!

   Beyoncé – I’m the bossScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.01.03

2.“Boys are smarter than girls”

Overall, the majority of girls leave school with higher grades than boys. Keep crunching those numbers, ask lots of questions and be confident that you can achieve anything and everything. Did you know that in 2012 girls achieved better or equal A*- C GCSE combined grades compared to boys in all STEM subjectsScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.01.14

3.“Engineering doesn’t matter”

Without engineers the world simply could not function. Everything from the iPhone to cars to skyscrapers are all made possible through the creative minds of engineers. Have you ever been for an x-ray? Marie Curie, a British invented and understood the meaning of X-rays and then went on to create the machine we all know today to be an X-ray machine. Almost everything we own and see is made possible because of engineers, imagine what you could create!

Girls may think that engineering is a ‘geeky’ profession but many of the top engineers get to travel the world with their job. So engineering is actually more chic and less geek! Engineering is one of the best paid professions with entry level engineers earning approximately £29,000 per year! To put that into perspective, with £29,000 you could buy…

  • 11,646 McDonald’s Happy Meals
  • 53 IPhone 6s
  • 362 Concert tickets to see Justin Bieberemoji

STEM subjects may not be the easiest but the could give you a change to work out where you may like to work in the future and keeping your options open is always a good thing. Choosing subjects that may affect the rest of your life is scary, we know! So consider how STEM subject could open doors for you.

Just in case you’re still not totally convinced and can’t quite picture who or what an engineer can do here’s some very special ladies in the engineering world.

#EngineerInspoScreen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.01.22

Roma Agrawal is a structural engineers who is responsible for helping to build and design the Shard, Europe’s tallest building. Roma believe that STEM subjects are the perfect Launchpad into a range of diverse careers. She studied 3 separate degrees and has gone on to help the UK government to inspire young girls like you to become amazing engineers like you.

                                                                                                                                                          Roma Agrawal standing in front of the Shard     

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.01.33Emily Calandrelli is the host and producer of Xploration Outer Space. She regularly gives professional talks and presents mostly on the topics of space exploration and the part we love the most: equality of the sexes in STEM. She has successfully completed two Bachelor of Science degrees in Aerospace Engineering and in Mechanical Engineering. After graduating she took secured internships at NASA and the National Science Foundation in China! Could she be the next woman in space? Space exploration holds a vast spectrum of careers for you budding young engineers.

You might be thinking – okay cool but I want to stay at home and be an engineer, can I be an engineer in Liverpool? The answer to your question is a massive YES! Liverpool is giving young people just like you to come along and get hands on experience at engineering workshops and finding your calling to engineering. We all know how amazing Liverpool is and now we want the world to watch because clever ladies like you are on their way to changing to game – forever.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 21.01.39Imogen Howarth is a graduate from the University of Liverpool. Imogen studied Engineering and Product design which gives a huge choice of amazing careers including helping to design some of the fastest cars in the world which is exactly what Imogen does every day. Using her creativity and nifty problem solving skills, Imogen gets the chance to test drive super cars. During her school days she always enjoyed art and science, you might be thinking ‘art and science? What can you do with those two together?’ Well it turns out that engineering is more than just becoming a scientist, it is about showing creativity and being able to design something unique that really works. Imogen says internships are great way to gain experience and find your way in the industry before making any big commitments, after a university day trip to the Jaguar Landover factory in Halewood she applied for an apprenticeship at the factory.

The Big Bang! is coming to Liverpool this summer! Visit the Exhibition Centre right in the city center and try out over 100 different science and engineering experiments, meet girls your age who are also thinking about studying STEM subjects for GCSE. There will be around 6000 kids and teens there with lots to see and do! The event is on the 5th of July and you don’t want to miss it, to find out more (so you can hint to your teacher for class day out?!) visit http://nearme.thebigbangfair.co.uk/North_West/   . Check out @TBB_NorthWest on Twitter #BigBangNW

Thanks for joining us, see you next week for another post on becoming Less Geek, More Chic

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