Become a Queen in the world of “STEM”!


Ladies, do you ever dream about working in well paid job with endless opportunities and possibilities? Are you interested, even if only slightly, in (STEM) subjects such as Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics? If your answer to this is yes then look no further, you have come to right place.

Did you know that there is currently a huge shortage in the number of females who choose STEM related courses as a career path? We girls need to stick together and change this.

Common stereotypes we need to address, pronto

One popular stereotype linked to STEM jobs roles such as advanced manufacturing (engineering) for example, is that, you must be a BIG, STRONG man or relative of The Incredible Hulk to be able to do this kind of job role. hulk

Another stereotype is that you need to work outdoors every day of the week in the icy cold, getting your hands covered in oil and rust whilst being physically exhausted day-in, day-out. The panic is over girls, I can happily confirm that these are just stereotypes and are not typical situations you will find yourself in with every STEM job.

Depending on your personal work preference, there will be a STEM job role which will suit you!

 BUT… Who can I look up to?

We are probably all guilty of struggling when trying to name a famous female STEM role-model that isn’t Marie Curie, (remembered for her discovery of radium and polonium). Instead of using this as a reason not to consider STEM subjects, perhaps this could be viewed in a more positive light; why not aspire to be the next STEM role model?

With women representing just 24% of STEM jobs at present, there is no reason why this could not double in the future. It is important for you young, budding geniuses to be reminded that no dream is ever too big! As the saying goes, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”.

We can only advise that if you do have an interest in science, technology, engineerirobotng or mathematics, not to let the amount of males dominating the industry to intimidate you. STEM can be both an exciting and rewarding career opportunity, you could even help design the next robot to do your chores! (now it is all starting to sound way more appealing, isn’t it?)


You have the power to save the planet

STEM subjects allow a basis for young enthusiasts to:

  • Use problem solving skills
  • Find the answers to impossible challenges
  • Discover the cures for diseases
  • Or maybe even walk on the moon!

Even though men do tend to outnumber women in most STEM jobs at present, this does not mean that it is hard for women to get jobs in this area. If anything, companies lust to employ more women into their manufacturing businesses.


How can I benefit from being a female STEM employee?

One thing to keep in mind when considering entering the magical world of STEM is that companies do appreciate that it is profitable to keep their female employees happy in their job. Many businesses will make special efforts to move you ladies into leadership positions with flexible hours, giving females a chance to take the lead and even banish the stereotypes all together.

The STEM choice

It is not just STEM jobs that women are unrepresented in, it is also undergraduate degrees and GCSE, STEM classes. Influencing students to embrace subjects such as Maths and Science when you they are in their early teens will allow the chance to see if they;

(1) Enjoy STEM subjects

(2) If so, are willing to stick at them in order to keep options for a STEM careers open in the future

You could be the next famous inventor of something fabulous and not even know it yet!



It is important to inform the fellow Beyoncé’s out there that in some STEM jobs there does often tend to be more of a women’s touch in that area. For example, I bet you wouldn’t think that 91% of registered nurses are women, 78% of clinical technologists are women and 60% of accountants, YES you guessed it: are women too.

If that hasn’t convinced you yet, perhaps you should know that women with STEM jobs earn 33% more than comparable women in jobs which do not involve STEM criteria.

So why not give STEM a whirl ladies, you could be presently surprised!


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