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EndgaimThe Woman Engineer.

Women Following Their Dreams.

A job that is well paid, interesting and in an industry that is responsible for life how we see it today? Sounds perfect right?

From designing cars of the future to perfecting the flash on your smartphone’s camera, engineering is a career with a vast amount of versatility and influence on the world.

So why is it seen as a job just for men? A quick Google image search for ‘engineer’ produces a collection of very similar images of a smiling man, stood on a building site, with a hard hat on. Scrolling further down the page we do see women in the same pose, but they are still vastly outnumbered. Unfortunately, that is an accurate representation of how the public views engineering, and it couldn’t be more wrong.archetect-on-construction-site

Engineering isn’t just designing and overseeing building work, it can involve working with Formula 1 cars, trying to make tweaks and adjustments for just a few seconds faster lap time can be thrilling to those involved. Engineers can also find themselves working in the field of medical device development, creating new machinery that can help to save thousands of lives.

Engineering is about designing, creating and exploring and it allows humans to break barriers that they’ve never broken before. Engineers question everything.

Now what part of that sounds like something only men can do?

There are many examples of women in engineering making great discoveries everyday. In the medical sector  there are women like Dr Eleanor Stride, who is working on a revolutionary, more effective way of getting drugs into a body using micro-bubbles and Ruth Amos who invented the StairSteady to help people with limited mobility to use their stairs (did we mention she was just 16 at the time!)

Another sector engineers are massively involved in is climate change, people are constantly working to try and perfect new ways to capture and use renewable energy and you could be part of a team that finally manages to do so. 

Also, and most importantly, women in engineering can develop items that help better other women’s lives. In both developed and under developed countries. Because you understand what women go through, you know what hinders our lives and what areas need help.

Engineers will always be needed, and can only be carried out by Humans which in a world where everything is becoming computerised is just another reason why it is such a great career path to take.

Is engineering for me?

If you are interested in English, Art and Science and either have or plan to take GCSE’s in those subjects then this shows you can communicate well and you have knowledge about and are interested in how the world fits together. These attributes along with your creativity make you an ideal candidate for engineering.rosie-the-riveter

We need you!

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