“The odds are good, but the goods are odd…it’s time for us women to have a seat at the table

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So according to the world famous lyrics which I am sure you beautiful girls sat reading will have heard of… “These boots are made for walking, and that’s just what they’ll do”, sang by the world famous Nancy Sinatra (way before you’re time I know, the oldies will know her better) and the more modern version by Jessica Simpson demonstrates just what we can do in working boots or heels! Who are the up and coming engineers? OFCOURSE ITS WOMEN! Well, of course that’s if you choose to start a career in this fabulous working environment!

Innovation. Creativity. Competitiveness.  3 traits of a beautiful, talented women in this big, bad world. Follow the green light and go for it!



Engineering, engineering, engineering. Girls you’re minds may be baffled, or you may have an idea?! Hey you might already be a professional at this topic in discussion!

Let’s break this E N G I N E E R I N G business down… Let’s think about this as logically as possible, what is your mind thinking right now? A man’s job? A woman’s job? A job for both!? The answer which takes over most people’s minds is ‘engineering is a job for a man, not a woman’. This is the actual underlying problem, why do we think of a man straight away? We question, well why? What kind of man? Oh NO, wait, this is then also stereotyped to a man handling dirty, heavy, or dangerous tools, a man working a hard mechanical job with complicated machinery with long labouring hours, or a man based in a factory environment is the usual thoughts.

I’ll surprise you now, I’ll enlighten you to the actual reality… that is all wrong, very VERY wrong… in this evolving day and age women also play an important and exciting role throughout Engineering.

pic 3Let’s question, WHY MEN? Why is this known as a man’s role? Are men somewhat different to women in what they’re capable of achieving in the working world? Are men born to specifically fit into the world of engineering and women aren’t? Absolutely not!

If HE can do it, SHE can do it.




STEM is an abbreviation for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. This is an increasingly popular talent throughout the current industry, which focuses on providing the correct skills and techniques to adapt into the working environment of engineering.  Great news for you girls interested!!

pic6Now listen to this, it is such a shocking figure! Women only control 15% in the engineering workplace – 15% THAT’S IT! Men on the other hand, they’re flying high with a huge 85%!

Reason 1: Engineering is known to be a ‘male job role’ – no really, you can stop laughing because it actually is true! I don’t know who decided this, or started this silly rumour off… but isn’t it so unrealistic and untrue. This needs to change, and change fast! They don’t know what hidden talents they’re missing with us fabulous lot!

Reason 2: Women are deemed as being more focused than men, and more adaptable to new surroundings. I mean we literally can do anything, for real! Absolutely anything were so adaptable and amazing!

Why not use us to an advantage? After all, we do rule the world with our ‘boots that are made for walking’! As our idol RiRi would sing, it’s all about “work, work, work, work, work!”

Reason 3: As strong, working women we can excel at anything we put our minds too and with the help and support from STEM it couldn’t be any easier! STEM is a valuable asset to achieve and complete no matter of age or gender, the opportunities which arise from this can boost exciting and rewarding career opportunities for future goals and aims.



You choose your career path, you create your own future – sounds so simple to read right? But honestly at such a young age we are missing such amazing opportunities because “we’re too young”, or “there’s plenty of time for this”.

“Whatever you want to be… you can be!”

When someone says to you, “all these little things will add up to create your future” they are not lying! Listen to them and personally make sense of what they’re trying to tell you, adjust it to you specifically.




Right now, you’re sat reading this either loving the read or hating every single paragraph (I hope its loving the read!!) you’re thinking 1 of 2 things…

YES this is for me, or HELL NO! This isn’t what I want to do for my career.

It is all about planning, dreaming and achieving your personal goal. Someone once said to me, “sometimes you have to be selfish to be kind” and those words have stuck to me like glue, like they’ll stick to you – I hope. They’re truthful words! In an overpowering, busy world which doesn’t seem all that big until you’re entering it without a clue of what you want to work as. I promise you!


Engineering is the basis of everything that you could possibly think of in your mind right now. (I feel like make-up and cosmetics were one of the first things) well YES those two have all been engineered for your enjoyment! Who’d of thought hey?!

pic5The majority of women who work or have worked in an Engineering role of some form, have entered because they either REALLY have had the dream or ambition for this career in such a thrilling environment, OR they have entered by pure chance and been lucky to of had that chance may I add!

You think you have to know anything about it to apply? NO you do not! You can enter, and learn on the job… the majority of roles expect different things, therefore going in fresh minded is P E R F E C T for them! BROWNIE POINTS!


Engineering is such a broad term – it would probably be simpler to explain if there was ‘Engineering 1-100’ to separate the differences but hey ho, there isn’t so on we go… Engineering covers a ginormous spectrum of jobs and roles – many you wouldn’t even know of!

1)    How about creating the latest magic cream to make you an even more BEAUTIFUL woman?!

2)    How about creating a robot to tidy your room and fold all your clothes neatly away?!

3)    HOW ABOUT A GADGET TO DO YOUR MAKEUP AND HAIR! Personal stylist at ease – this would be the best invention… like EVER!

All you need is: drive, passion and the ambition to succeed. Sounding okay so far?

The original mindset of ‘MEN ONLY’ should hopefully have fizzled away by now. With you and the rest of the up and coming strong minded, inspirational Women we will soon create an equal balance, hey we might even take over!


Has this blog excited you? Made you re-evaluate engineering and whether this could be a possible career for you?

If so then FAN-DABBY-DOZIE, you will never have to ‘work’ a day in your life again because you’ll love your job so much it’ll be all fun & games from morning till night…

Yes, of course going into a new environment can be intimidating and frightening, but with the right support and learning facilities ANYTHING is possible!! STEM offers a step-by-step facility to encourage adaptable learning in a way which suits the individual best, as a woman myself I know our lives are non-stop from the get go BUT not to panic! Don’t write it off yet, you can handle this, just like you can handle everything else that life throws at you, you go girlfriend!

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