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If this is you then look no further than engineering as a career. I could take a good guess at this point and say that many of you will have the ‘this is not for me thought’ running through your minds. Let me explain why this might not be the case. Today people are far too quick to dismiss engineering as it is a job for boys, the idea that you need to be physically strong and prepared to come home from work stinking of oil is a fairy tale.


For woman reading this who have this mind-set need to discover the truth behind what is required to become an engineer because the future of this great country depends on you and this realisation. Sounds quite a dramatic statement, but the answers to our current global problems rest upon your young shoulders.

It is not just in our own country that have problems need solving on a daily basis but more importantly in less economically developed places where at something as simple as getting a drink of water is a huge problem. It may seem impossible at this early stage in your lives that you would have the answers but making the correct educational decisions now will open the door for you to play a major role in becoming someone that can solve problems and change lives.

From experience, I know it can be difficult when it comes to career thoughts and subject picking at school. Try to remove the thought that whatever you do now you are stuck with in later life, this does not need to be the way. There are many examples of people taking on engineering courses at university and having completely different careers. Dennis Bergkamp, the ex-Arsenal and Dutch international has a degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Bath, who would have known that? American actor, Aston Kutcher holds a degree in biochemical engineering and model, Cindy Crawford got herself a degree in chemical engineering.


Civil engineering is a career that focuses on changing people’s lives for the better. The opportunity to use the latest technology on your average days’ work and commendable pay is a hugely desirable career aspiration. The average salary in 2014 for full-time engineering technicians was £35,208 this is higher than the UK mean wage of £33,475. This career path presents both high salaries and prestige. STEM professionals earn more compared to all employees.

Some Facts…

Engineering employment has grown by 1.8% to more than 5.5 million. Engineering supports 14.5 million jobs overall. This proves jobs in the engineering sector is on the up and highlights it importance. Engineers and technicians are the most in-demand jobs globally.

The Government has made a commitment and passed laws to create 3 million apprenticeships by 2020. By the time you are in university studying your engineer related courses opportunities will be plentiful. Efforts are being made by the government to provide the best environment for young people to thrive. The UK is a research nation, with four of the top 10 universities in the world, and 29 in the top 200, despite representing only 0.9% of global population. There is no better place to pursue your ambitions, you will be at the top of the tree.

Bill Nye the Science guy once said “there is nothing I believe in more strongly than getting young people interested in science for a better tomorrow, for a better all humankind.” The youth are invaluable in changing our world for the better.






It was once said that “one man’s “magic” is another man’s engineering. “Supernatural is a null word.” Being the engineer in this case would be awesome, the regular person would view you as some sort of magician! Amaze people by defying the rules of science to impress the ordinary and improve our planet. Michio Kaku said “what we usually consider as impossible are simply engineering problems… there’s no laws of physics preventing them.”

The problems you and I face on a daily basis can be resolved by your creative minds, they just need equipped with the knowledge. However, the video attached explains how Kieran Butler’s civil engineering qualities have the potential to change the lives of people less fortunate than us. He talks about the feel good factor he gains from his job and everything engineering including advice for the engineers of tomorrow. Kieran was visiting one weekend and we discussed his career, i felt this was extremely relevant to the blog so we decided to conduct an informal interview on the day. After the interview he expressed that he would feel comfortable in showing this interview to his superiors to provide a graduates point of view. Therefore i believe this is strong evidence that promoting STEM subjects early, can help students focus their studies and in turn increase their career prospects.

You will not believe this…
Did you know that even before the car was invented Mary Anderson invented the window wiper? Who says women cannot be engineers? It looks like they are one step ahead if anything!

Emily Roebling supervised the construction of the Brooklyn Bridge in New York. Emily studied engineering topics and mathematics and took over the project when her husband when fell ill, some real girl power right there!header_large_Brooklyn_Bridge_Sunset_Photography

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I would urge anyone reading this who are still at school to seriously consider their subject choices and think STEM. Do not underestimate your importance in this world and I hope this has made you more aware of what you are capable of.




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